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SCUBA Test: Samsung PL120 and SH100 WiFi Camera with Seashell Housing

Above: Jan in his complete pro UW setup

The Philippines is an archipelago of more than 7,000 islands. The irony is that a lot of the action happens in the city Manila. In its odd state, you would think that for a country that is surrounded by water, we would have at our disposal a stable of underwater cameras or housings with underwater cases for sale in most gadget stores. Sadly this is not the (underwater) case. **Pun Intended**

If you take a look at the UW housing landscape in the Philippines, save for a dedicated store that deals with UW housings, it is quite rare to find manufacturers outfitting underwater cases for cameras. The reason isn’t so much as lack of demand, but warranty. It is very hard to put a warranty tag on a decent acrylic housing that can be submersed at depths of 100+ ft. Not that it would flood. But the risks may be bad for business.

Nonetheless, bringing down a camera to the underwater depths has its rewards. I for one have been diving for more than 2 years, shooting amateur UW video for a little more than a year, and indulging myself in underwater photography for a little over six months.

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5th generation iPod nano camera demo

What better way to test the 5th generation iPod nano camera than to post a sampling on YouTube. This video was taken using the default settings of the iPod nano. Despite the low light, the video is still superb at 30fps and 640×480 resolution.

What seems odd though about the iPod nano’s construction is the placement of the camera. The 5th generation nano is made to fit right handed operation. However, the lens is also located on the lower right side of the unit. Holding the device up sideways makes the lens prone to exposure to your index finger.

The iPod nano can hold up to 2GB per video, but will keep on recording when you surpass 2GB. All you’d need to do is string your two videos via iMovie or any other video editing application.

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Sony DSC T700 with Marine Pack Hands On in Anilao


Photo Credits: Juned Sonido, Benj Espina, myself

Went on a weekend dive at Dive and Trek in Anilao. A friend was taking her open water course so a bunch of us tagged along. It was also good to meet up (underwater!) with Wowie, Jerome and the rest of the guys from Intel. On the side of the Internet community, Juned was able to drag Benj along. Fun times!

The full review and more underwater shots after the jump.