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Coming Soon: More. Regular. Giveaways. Yay.

Hey geeks! If it’s one thing I’m pleased to announce for 2012, I’ve partnered with distributors to to give away more gadgets to locals who follow this blog. Thanks to you, more than 6 years of writing thousands of posts (thankfully not a lot of them were ramblings!) have given me that oomph to get out there and ask for more things to raffle off. A key learning was that although contests were great for everyone, they were sporadic and unscheduled. A partnership with key distributors would make these contests come more often PLUS they will be first to market c/o A BUGGED LIFE (YAY!!). A lot of the stuff I’ll be giving away will be available first here.

So right now, all i have to say is .. stay tuned! Add me up on Twitter (@jayvee) and Instagram (@jayveef) and yeah on Facebook too… I still don’t have a fan page, I feel weird about creating one to be honest so everything goes through my personal account. ANYWAY, the first wave of giveaways will be announced soon.

Oh look at that PowerMat.. it charges your gadgets without wires through magnetic induction! So geeky.

Mostly Everything

Dear Nem0ry, as the winner of the Globe Tattoo contest, you get to pick a second winner!

Hi guys! OK I looked through all the entries (sayang there were other good entries but were already online before this contest) and among all of them I was most entertained by the guy behind the name Nem0ry. I was seriously entertained by the two videos he sent over (i didn’t include the previous 2009 video he made, but he still won based on the criteria).

Hey Nem0ry, congratulations! You just won yourself a Galaxy Tab from Globe Tattoo. Now, all you need to do is pick a winner for the MyFi Prepaid kit. You can take your time with this — no rush. Just shoot me an email when you have finally decided. Remember that you can only choose from the participants of the contest who submitted entries before the 12 noon deadline. Good luck! 🙂

FYI I’ll only be able to process most of this late next week as I am leaving in a few hours for the airport. Congratulations once again!

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Last Flash Fiction Contest for a Nokia X3

Hi guys! I’ll announce the winner of the previous mini-contest later as I’m still going through the entries. But I already wanted to start the thread for the final contest which culminates tomorrow night. Again, we’re giving away the final Nokia X3! Our first winner (Marlon = “Messie”) was kind enough to send in a photo with the X3, quickly expedited!

BTW, if by chance you win in the second contest, then your entries for this contest is voided (since I’m starting a new round before we announce).

Yay! OK on to the rules (which by now you’re very familiar with!)


1. The deadline for MYSTERY flash fiction is at 11:59PM of SUNDAY.

2. The contest is FLASH FICTION. If you don’t know what it is, this is the type of creative fiction which you can do with as little words as possible. The limit is 144 characters (including the space and periods, commas, etc) so if your limit is essentially one Tweet. Leave the entries in my comments section.

Example: Perhaps the most famous is the work by Hemmingway which goes something like: For Sale: Baby Shoes, Never Worn.. English / Filipino / Taglish entries are OK. Avoid abbreviations.

3. The theme:

MYSTERY Saturday 12:00AM – Sunday 11:59PM

Clock is based on the timestamp of the comments.

4. I’m choosing the winner. If there are any discrepancies with the rules whatsoever, I’ll have final say with the rules after considering the comments from readers. Winners wil be announced a couple of hours after each mini contest ends, also announcing the beginning of the new series.

5. This contest is open to everyone from the Philippines. if you live outside MLA, we will have to ship the prize to you courtesy of Nokia. They will take care of it. If you won once, you can’t win again. But you can submit as many entries as you wish (you can even combine them if you want). Entries that are heavily offensive / done in bad taste / pornographic won’t be counted. PG-13 allowed.

6. If you submitted your entry in the previous post, don’t worry I am keeping track of them, but please for new entries, submit in the comments section below this post.

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Contest: I’m giving away an original copy of Windows 7 Ultimate Edition

With Microsoft Philippines as sponsor I am raffling off a copy of Windows 7 Ultimate Ed., perhaps the pinnacle of all Microsoft platforms for 2010. The contest may look difficult as there’s a lot of text, but it’s actually very simple. All you need to do is capture your surroundings and turn it into a Photosynth with one click.

The details of the contest follow with this link. Please spread the word!