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Dear Nem0ry, as the winner of the Globe Tattoo contest, you get to pick a second winner!

Hi guys! OK I looked through all the entries (sayang there were other good entries but were already online before this contest) and among all of them I was most entertained by the guy behind the name Nem0ry. I was seriously entertained by the two videos he sent over (i didn’t include the previous 2009 video he made, but he still won based on the criteria).

Hey Nem0ry, congratulations! You just won yourself a Galaxy Tab from Globe Tattoo. Now, all you need to do is pick a winner for the MyFi Prepaid kit. You can take your time with this — no rush. Just shoot me an email when you have finally decided. Remember that you can only choose from the participants of the contest who submitted entries before the 12 noon deadline. Good luck! 🙂

FYI I’ll only be able to process most of this late next week as I am leaving in a few hours for the airport. Congratulations once again!