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Last Flash Fiction Contest for a Nokia X3

Hi guys! I’ll announce the winner of the previous mini-contest later as I’m still going through the entries. But I already wanted to start the thread for the final contest which culminates tomorrow night. Again, we’re giving away the final Nokia X3! Our first winner (Marlon = “Messie”) was kind enough to send in a photo with the X3, quickly expedited!

BTW, if by chance you win in the second contest, then your entries for this contest is voided (since I’m starting a new round before we announce).

Yay! OK on to the rules (which by now you’re very familiar with!)


1. The deadline for MYSTERY flash fiction is at 11:59PM of SUNDAY.

2. The contest is FLASH FICTION. If you don’t know what it is, this is the type of creative fiction which you can do with as little words as possible. The limit is 144 characters (including the space and periods, commas, etc) so if your limit is essentially one Tweet. Leave the entries in my comments section.

Example: Perhaps the most famous is the work by Hemmingway which goes something like: For Sale: Baby Shoes, Never Worn.. English / Filipino / Taglish entries are OK. Avoid abbreviations.

3. The theme:

MYSTERY Saturday 12:00AM – Sunday 11:59PM

Clock is based on the timestamp of the comments.

4. I’m choosing the winner. If there are any discrepancies with the rules whatsoever, I’ll have final say with the rules after considering the comments from readers. Winners wil be announced a couple of hours after each mini contest ends, also announcing the beginning of the new series.

5. This contest is open to everyone from the Philippines. if you live outside MLA, we will have to ship the prize to you courtesy of Nokia. They will take care of it. If you won once, you can’t win again. But you can submit as many entries as you wish (you can even combine them if you want). Entries that are heavily offensive / done in bad taste / pornographic won’t be counted. PG-13 allowed.

6. If you submitted your entry in the previous post, don’t worry I am keeping track of them, but please for new entries, submit in the comments section below this post.

By Jayvee Fernandez

Jayvee Fernandez is a tech enthusiast and sitting Techbology Editor for The Philippine STAR.

He is also an EAN certified SCUBA Diver and underwater photographer based in Metro Manila, Philippines. His photos and videos have appeared in various international and local publications including Random House Germany, Discovery Channel Canada, and CNN.

526 replies on “Last Flash Fiction Contest for a Nokia X3”

@JP Custodio: hehehe. no offense meant. just informing lng. pasensya kung naging “killjoy” ang dating ng comment ko. just keep the entries coming (i’ll do d same as well).. 😉

@ryanV you don’t need to worry there’s no problem with that, ok lang po sakin walang kaso yun.

A man sitting on a park bench reads a newspaper article headlined “Death at Sea” and knows a murder has been committed.

A man is running along a corridor with a piece of paper in his hand. The lights flicker and the man drops to his knees and cries out, “Oh no!”

@Noypi: A man marries twenty women in his village but isn’t charged with
Here’s the answer: He’s a priest; he is marrying them to other people, not to himself.

A girl received a text past 3:00 AM from his boyfriend, but suddenly a call came saying her boyfriend died 12:00 AM.

a trick but still a mystery to us:

A scrambled rubik’s cube became solve from the right hand going to left hand.

Where did God come from before creating us nor the organism where evolution started? How did they all start existing?

Pinaigting ng mga sundalo ang pagbabantay. Wala pwedeng pumasok o lumabas sa Sta. Elena maliban kay Mang Karyo, ang piping magtataho.

Mahirap tanggihan ang alok ng bata. Humingi ito ng isang lobo kapalit ng isang boteng Alumay, ang drogang kinahuhumalingan ng hari.

Nasa tugatog siya ng kasikatan bilang sexy star noong 80s nang bigla siyang maglaho. Ganyan na siya nang bumalik: tuliro’t may hasang.

So big it occupies an area as far and wide as the eyes see,so heavy it releases it’s load time after time,yet it has never fallen to the ground

Two men toast soda cans in a room.
One leaves happy with an empty can and a spotless toilet bowl.
The other’s mad – bowl’s clean but can’s full.

at high noon, before dusk and after dawn
on the ground i cast, a shadow there is none
supernatural, i am not.

The following sentence is false.
The preceding sentence is true.
Are these sentences true or false?

They can build cells, combine in tissues, produce a flesh and build a body, but still no life.

I hear his scream. It was night before the day he was murdered, but that day exactly, I hear him laughing.

I have keys that open no locks, I have space, but you cannot fill it, You can enter, but you cannot leave. What am I?

Man bought parrot that repeats everything it hears. Man talked to parrot everyday. Parrot still quiet. Shopowner did not lie.

One sunny day, all of a sudden, ship in harbor began to sink. Nothing wrong with the ship and no storms. What happened?

Nakakapagtaka nga:

“Its too late when he started to run”

Haha. Sayang di ko naisip yan. Ganda sana. Isip bago, ang hirap ng mystery!

Daily, I suddenly wake up every 3 a.m. hearing the kitchen wobbling. Someone’s setting the dining table with plates & utensils. And I’m alone.

Jack and Jill went up the hill. They never returned. Searchers found their buckets. No water.

@third: Why Did 400 People Volunteer for a One-Way Trip to Mars?
… read it from national geographic last week.. this exactly is the headline..LOL!(peace man, am enjoying reading your exchange posts with noypi..)

OMG. Iisa lang po ako (Third), Phi_6 at Nib. Di kasi lumalabas kaninang madaling araw kaya inulit ulit ko, ginamit ko email ng ate ko. Haha. Sorry..

I walked into the room and noticed that every sandal, slipper, & shoe is missing its pair. Where did the other pieces go?

Friends, acquaintances, colleagues, strangers. People come and go. Then one day, you simply know you have found the one.

Father announced the birth of his baby boy. Mother on her way to the hospital from work.

A lot of the shows that really become hit shows are often demonstrated, like Mystery Science Theater.

wala akong maisip hahaha, here’s my another entry,
mukha talagang imposible kung iisipin

If the computer developers are just using compiler to create programs, how do they created the compiler during the time of computer invention?

A lady who had everything-“the perfect life”, they all said, ’til she went home one evening and put a bullet in her head.

A lady who had everything-”the perfect life”, they all said, until she went home one evening and put a bullet in her head.
*Correcting my mistake: ’til to “until”. Thanks.

He was never a good Acupuncturist. He went from one jab to another, always looking for a jab.

an aspiring chef cooked up something good this time. they asked whats the secret recipe. he replied with glee “it’s made through my master chef’s hand” they said “where’s the chef then?” he said to them “please wait, it’ll be cooked after 20 mins.”

Jayvee! I promised Chie I’d submit an entry. 🙂

House is clean. She had cleaned it well.
Looks great, he says.
It’s nothing, she replies.
You weren’t looking for this?
He shows her the letter.

Minsanan ko nalang po entries ko =)

1. I can’t stay here. Flight is essential. But I can’t let my fear show.

2. Could you survive on your own, with everyone out to make sure you don’t live to see the morning?

3. There was a curse. There was a girl. And in the end, there was a grave.

4. Sparks are igniting. Flames are spreading. Someone wants revenge.

5. How many lives do you need to live before you find someone worth dying for?

6. My name is Nina Ocampo. Why am I not dead? I should be dead.

7. The cold. The heat. The shiver.

8. She was engineered in order to save a stranger’s life.

9. A Chrono- displaced man met his wife when she was six years old.

10. There was a judgment. Everyone wiped out. He was alone. And there was…his device.

11. In 40 seconds you ca run,
In 40 seconds you can laugh out loud,
In 40 seconds, he changed everything.

“The perfect murder is not about NOT getting caught, but making others believe they’ve caught the killer,” Mrs. White told Colonel Mustard.


ENTRY #1. She released the arrow. Then there was a scream across the sky.

#2. A pen is a powerful device. It can kill people.

#3. Who knows the color of time?

#4. This statement is a mystery itself.

#5. His wrath dug him into his hole.

#6. I killed that family because I couldn’t read or write.

#7. A man’s words are wise. But he’s not happy.

#8. He can’t see them. He can feel them watching.

#9. Something’s embossed in the clouds. The ground started to break. Voices beneath.

#10. Weak protects powerful men. It’s classic.

#11. Unsaved people lost their hearts. There will be a hole in their chest. The lost hearts become their mask.

#12. God created humans. Where did God come from?

#13. A series of dots create a line. A line creates words. Words can do anything to you.

#14. A glance at her can make you attend History class for the second time.

#15. Street light. Silhouette. Breeze. Goose bumps. Cold. Sickness. Deathbed. Awake.

#16. A boy flies the kite. Winds stopped. The kite walks on.

A warning from a prophet. Truth from a liar. Justice from a judge. How to determine right from wrong?

Louis: Hey, it’s me. Sorry for not calling sooner; my mind’s just too occupied right now. Sorry. For everything. Please Louis, I love you.

The image is queer. He’s looking to the sun midway across the horizon, long shadows cast behind him, his eyes tracing it with curiosity.

He was cured. The expensive tablet his mother gave him worked. Apple really keeps the doctor away.

An American tourist was arrested for failing to present proper travel documents. The only thing he said is that that he is a reporter at the Planet.

(Sorry. The previous was more than 140.)

An American tourist was arrested for failing to present proper travel documents. It was learned that that he is a reporter at the Planet.

nowadays, women always asks this question in their mind whenever they see a cute guy,,,,is he a real he or she? which is which..confusing right?

L.A -Florida-Puerto Rico-South America-Red Sea-India-Singapore-Australia-New Guinea-Howland Island..Gone was Amelia Earheart

australopithecus- Sahelanthropus tchadensis-homo habilis-homo erectus-neanderthal-________-Homo Sapiens.guess the missing link.

A LOVE OF MY LIFE. He’s so romantic, exciting and full blooded male, i love him so much.. Too bad that he’s only in book.

When his ex-girlfriend turns up dead, a high school student must use all his wits and contacts to find out who killed her.

Twins paradox. An astronaut travels in the speed of light. His twin stays home. The astronaut returns young and find his sibling an old man.

butterflies flying.stones are and white clouds above red and orange path. question mark.

look up in the sky.. it’s a bird? No it’s a plane? No it’s a mysterious man hanging on the tree.

A staggering 95% of the human genome does not code for genes, or have a regulatory function.

We don’t know, every day there always somebody watching us that we couldn’t see. But we can feel it.

We don’t know, every day there always somebody watching us that we couldn’t see. But we can feel them.

Nakilahok siya sa isang laro. Akala’y makakamtan ang langit na nais maabot. Subalit, siya pala’y napalapit sa hukay ng lumalagablab apoy.

Nakilahok siya sa isang laro. Akala’y makakamtan ang langit na nais maabot. Subalit, siya pala’y napalapit sa hukay ng lumalagablab na apoy.

Humans have developed a remarkable ability to make decisions, to plan actions, and to decide, in part, our fates.

Kilala bilang Vice Gandanghari, dating asawa ni Carmina Siguion-Reyna na ngayon ay may dalawang anak kay Zoren Legarda. Sino siya?

A woman is found dead in the woods. A sword slash in her chest. Leaves and blood all over the place. A piece of rope and a comb.

Are they Chinese? Not Ten but Eight Little Indians is the rhyme they grew up with. Doh!

The man discovered that his mistress is another man’s mistress. The man’s wife discovered her husband’s affair. The mistress was found dead.

I’m not sure with the grammar. Ang weird kasi pakinggan nito, pero feeling ko mas tama ‘to.

A man passes a scaffolding. He stops and he takes note the place.

Everything in this world has a beginning, but If there’s a beginning there’s an ending.

I saw a girl and i can’t get over him. I think im falling inlove with her. What a mysterious girl. That me made me felt this way.

I saw a girl and i can’t get over him. I think im falling inlove. What a mysterious girl. That me made me felt this way.




HE has signed out.

A Creepy house that full of mystery inside.Boy said something strange inside.A boy entered the house to find out what inside.And never come out.

A scary house that full of mystery inside.Boy said something strange inside. A boy entered the house to find out what inside.And never come out.

where all these things came from? why we are here in this world? why we are living now? For what reason?

Travelling in time, immortal living, reaching universe boundary and modify the future.

I am in an adolescence in reverse, as mysterious as the first, except that this time I feel it as a decay of the odds that I might live for a while, that I can sleep it off.

A strange man asking the cashier of a convenience store if they are selling flowers and candle.

Nakita ko yung computer q na ng tatype lng mg isa. with no other people around. at binasa ko yung sinulat ya. “Abugged life”.

Nakita ko yung computer q na ng tatype lng mg isa. with no other people around. at binasa ko yung sinulat ya. “Abugged life”.

Nakita ko yung computer q na ng tatype lng mg isa. with no other people around. at binasa ko yung sinulat ya. “Abugged life”

Nakita ko yung computer q na ng tatype lng mg isa. with no other people around. at binasa ko yung sinulat ya. “Abugged life”

A man wishing to be an instant millionaire. after 1 minute. his dreams come true.

He ran to the lobby and saw his mother crying. He looked for his father and saw him drinking. He saw a coffin and saw himself lying.

Hoping to win. Next day I check the website and won the Nokia X3. with no comment at all.

A crowded restaurant. Everybody enjoying a hearty meal. One person suddenly falls to the floor and dies.

A man was tied by 3 men wearing jackets. Then, 2 men went out.
He was crying. He needed his girl. That’s when he saw her take off her hood.

A missing person’s in the window, staring at me, saying things I can’t hear. A missing person’s in the window, haven’t seen ‘them’ in years.

Nakita niya ang pencil case ni Hanna, binuksan niya ito at nakita ang ID ni Pedro na matagal nang nawawala.

–A lady took a widower’s daughter. He mourns again. Whose body?
–The postman rings thrice. No letters. Blank stares.
–Snow white won’t wake up. Final curtain.
–I traveled to the future. No one’s there.
–The wedding bells stopped tolling. Rose petals, gone with the wind.
–A poor lad eloped with a rich girl. He finally came home. No house. Arson
–A Philosophy book. A broken rosary. Emmanuel’s stuffs.
– An extravagant wedding. Then, children at the couple’s doorsteps.
–A friar weeps at the sight of his daughter entering the convent.
–Dad’s illness. Mom’s indifference. Ted’s bruises.
–Epitaph: He served to the king. Gone in a landlord’s whim.
–For Printing: A 16-yrs old’s Curriculum vitae.

it’s not yet quarter to 12 🙂 goodluck

Chris did not commit suicide. He was killed but the police is convinced by a suicide note that he really did take his life.

Something moved in the compartment. She knows her daughter is in their but she can’t open it or they’ll explode.

The wave slammed Peter so hard that he was knocked off his feet and dragged to the ocean then somebody screamed “Shark!”

She walks. She looked back to see a silhoutte. She walked faster. Footsteps behind her grew louder. She ran for her life.

The dogs barked louder as the night grew old. Simon knew there’s someone out there. He reached for his phone when a gunshot was fired.

He stared at the ceiling. There’s something wrong. He reached for his gun and open fired at the ceiling. Blood poured down.

Writer sits alone at the bar waiting, waiting, waiting for his friend to come. He hears his friend’s faint, plaintive whisper in his right ear, “Dude, who killed me?”

I mistakenly placed my entry on the initial post about this pcntest:

If you want girls to come easy, shroud yourself in mystery.

Ang bahay kong iniwan, bukas kong dinatnan. Sino kaya ag umubos nglaman?

Very late but I’m still having fun 🙂

His name is Pier Roxas. I’m Robinson Ortigas.

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