How I feel about the Steam Sale these days

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Loaded up USD .00 for the Steam sale this holiday season. I now have a more strict criteria for games as I’ve a little one-week old bundle of joy beside me. No MMO’s, no games that require quick reflexes. I did buy games that have a big single player experience so I can pause anytime. More into that one of these days. This season, I bought Dead Island and Saints Row the Third.

Ciao for now!


I really just have to get this out: Star Trek / Dr Who Crossover by IDW

My geeky brain is exploding (like right now) because I can’t contain the excitement! This isn’t the first time Star Trek had a crossover series. But Dr. Who.. well that’s something else!

And they’re both English. 😉

March 2012.

Mostly Everything

Supergirl of My Dreams by Thomas Tan

And here’s a short black and white silent film directed by Thomas Tan, whom I’ve known since we were kids in PAREF Southridge.

The film was shot with zero budget, as a promotional vid for Elfsar Comics. References to Supergirl and Batman in this short thriller. On a side note, I love working with people who can cram such great content into zero budget productions. Absolutely golden!