The Steam 2014 Holiday Sale (The Haul Thus Far…)


Here we go. A couple of days into the Steam sale and here’s the damage so far:

Bioshock Infinite Season Pass – Bought the main game on launch and after hearing great stuff about the Buried at Sea DLC’s, the Season Pass was a no-brainer buy for less than P300.00

X-Com Enemy Within – Same as above. Plowed through 40 hours of X-Com sans the expansion. Heard it’s a totally different game. A great buy for the price!

Gabriel Knight – Thanks Jed Revita of OMGeek!

Euro Truck Simulator 2 – Because P99.00

Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes – Fast. Replayable. OMG.

Shadow Warrior – Thanks Dre! Supposedly really good!

Sid Meier’s Beyond Earth – the most expensive game on sale I got (thus far!) as it broke the P1,000 mark. But so worth it. Put in around 4 hours.

What have you bought?


How I feel about the Steam Sale these days

steam sale comics

Loaded up USD .00 for the Steam sale this holiday season. I now have a more strict criteria for games as I’ve a little one-week old bundle of joy beside me. No MMO’s, no games that require quick reflexes. I did buy games that have a big single player experience so I can pause anytime. More into that one of these days. This season, I bought Dead Island and Saints Row the Third.

Ciao for now!