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**MIND BLOWN** Toys that come to life with your iPad: Hot Wheels, DC Universe, WWE, Monster High, etc


You know, every time I walk into Datablitz these days I get more and more tempted to pick up a copy of Skylanders. If you go there often, every branch has a store display of ‘Skylanders’ action figures that are not only toys — but are also integral to the Skylanders video game. When you place an action figure onto a “Portal of Power” (which is simply a Bluetooth enabled NFC device) the character comes to life inside the game. So not only do you get a new character to play with in Skylanders, you also get a collectible toy.

Mostly Everything

The Batman of Shanghai

This is the work of a Chinese animation company called Wolfsmoke Animation. It is a heavily stylized look that explores the Batman universe set in China in the 1930’s. Catwoman, Bane and Batman make an appearance here.

Mostly Everything

Supergirl of My Dreams by Thomas Tan

And here’s a short black and white silent film directed by Thomas Tan, whom I’ve known since we were kids in PAREF Southridge.

The film was shot with zero budget, as a promotional vid for Elfsar Comics. References to Supergirl and Batman in this short thriller. On a side note, I love working with people who can cram such great content into zero budget productions. Absolutely golden!

Mostly Everything

Audible Recommendations: Predictably Irrational, Gaiman’s Graveyard Book, Batman

The alternate title of this post is “The British Pop Culture Invasion.” 🙂

Ah, to make up for the lack of recommendations for the past few weeks, here are three books I downloaded with my subscription from Audible. The first is a Diggnation recommendation from Kevin Rose titled Predictably Irrational. I got this version as it was cheaper on audio than it was on the shelf (Phoebe bought the tome version), and it’s narrated by this British guy with a strong James Bond accent. Winner.

Why do our headaches persist after taking a one-cent aspirin but disappear when we take a 50-cent aspirin? Why does recalling the 10 Commandments reduce our tendency to lie, even when we couldn’t possibly be caught? Why do we splurge on a lavish meal but cut coupons to save 25 cents on a can of soup? Why do we go back for second helpings at the unlimited buffet, even when our stomachs are already full? And how did we ever start spending $4.15 on a cup of coffee when, just a few years ago, we used to pay less than a dollar?

Gotham Knight DVD Set

Alfred: Sir … give me your hand.

Batman: I … I can’t.

One of the best scenes I’ve ever seen from any Batman flick. This was taken from Working Through Pain, an episode from the 2008 DVD set, Gotham Knight starring Kevin Conroy as Batman / Bruce Wayne.

Batman: Gotham Knight will be available on both single and two-disc DVD editions, as well as a Blu-Ray version on July 8th, 2008.

The special features on the single-disc edition will contain an audio commentary of the film by Gregory Noveck, Dennis O’Neil and Kevin Conroy, as well as a sneak peek at the next movie of the DC Universe Original Animated Movies line: Wonder Woman.

The two-disc and Blu-Ray editions of the film will contain the above mentioned special features as well as a documentary titled Batman and Me: The Bob Kane Story, a featurette exploring Batman and the Gotham villains he faces titled A Mirror for the Bat and four episodes of Batman:The Animated Series , presented by Bruce Timm.[wiki]

You can watch the entire thing here but the original DVD set is so worth it.