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Hands on with the SHARP AQUOS SH530U, a 5″ dual SIM Android phone worth PHP 12,800.00


This is a bit late, but SHARP sent over a semi-new AQUOS SH530U Android phone. We’ve seen an army of Android devices in the past 24 months and I’m glad to say that this one from SHARP is one of the more interesting ones. It’s pretty much what passes as a “modern Android device” sporting a 5″ screen, dual SIM capabilities and a decent 1GHz processor. For PHP 12,800.00 it’s definitely a good deal.

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ZTE Grand X v970m sports dual SIM, 4.3″ screen and sells for PHP 9,990

It’s front face nondescript, the ZTE Grand X v970m or simply the “ZTE Grand X” adds serious competition to the growing range of mid-market Android phones with specs ready to take on the demands of current-generation apps and services. Turn the phone around and you’ll see the enigmatic ZTE logo. Surprising as it is, ZTE is upping their game with a stable of new devices catering to more demanding users at affordable prices.

At such an attractive price point of only PHP 9,990.00, the Grand X sits at the “definitely must buy” if you want to maximize your Christmas bonus.

More photos and complete specs after the jump.

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Lenovo announces K860, P700i and S560 Android smartphones for the holidays

UPDATE: BOOM! CES 2013. We have the lowdown on 3 new Android phones announced with pricing!

Greetings from Xiamen, China! I’m here for an overnight trip with the Lenovo and Open Communications team. We had a chance to tour the Lenovo factory where their smartphones and tablets are made. More on this in another post. Last night was Lenovo’s debut for their Q3 lineup of phones in time for the holidays. These are the Lenovo K860, P700i and S560.

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Alcatel Blaze 918N: Dual SIM Android for PHP 5,999 anyone?

A couple of days ago we reviewed the Lenovo A60, a dual SIM Android 2.3 device that only sets you back by only PHP 7,990.00.

Now here’s another frugal gem we found in the local market for even less. Meet Alcatel’s Blaze 918N, a decent Android powered smartphone for less than seven grand. So it isn’t dual SIM but that’s completely OK for those of us who are single-minded when it comes to telco of choice. IT’S DUAL SIM WTF!

Specs include:

Android 2.3 OS
3.2MP camera
320×480 screen resolution
Up to 32GB microSD support
Bluetooth 3.0 A2DP (A2DP means you can stream music wirelessly via Bluetooth, not just calls)

Of course the phone also comes with the usual bells and whistles of Android such as App marketplace support, WiFi, tethering and the like. It doesn’t say anything about how much internal memory it comes with neither does it say anything about a secondary front camera, but the product shot clearly shows that it comes with one.

If you wish to view Alcatel’s other Android powered smartphones, click here.

Review to follow soon.