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Hands on with the SHARP AQUOS SH530U, a 5″ dual SIM Android phone worth PHP 12,800.00


This is a bit late, but SHARP sent over a semi-new AQUOS SH530U Android phone. We’ve seen an army of Android devices in the past 24 months and I’m glad to say that this one from SHARP is one of the more interesting ones. It’s pretty much what passes as a “modern Android device” sporting a 5″ screen, dual SIM capabilities and a decent 1GHz processor. For PHP 12,800.00 it’s definitely a good deal.

Mostly Everything

It only costs $4.00 to put Chuck Norris inside your phone

Strange, but true. And yet it really kicks ass. Last year I sat in a mobile gaming conference with the guys from Gameloft – one of the best mobile gaming developers today as they’ve got a solid philosophy when designing games for the mobile phone: they should be engaging, intuitive and fun. And while we’re on the subject of FUN …

I don’t see anything that can top this: Chuck Norris bashes guerrillas with their own jeep.


// The official game of martial arts champ, action star, TV hero, and media phenomenon Chuck Norris!
// A hilarious dive into the life of the legend: martial arts, denim-clad justice, and commando fights!
// Enjoyable and simple gameplay inspired by old-school arcade beat-’em-ups.
// Loads of enemies, including memorable bosses such as Fidel Castro and Kim Jong-il.
// Fight with heavy weaponry or unleash furious combos, then hop on a motorcycle, car or helicopter.
// Take pictures of your friends and turn them into the game’s enemies.

Chuck Norris: Bring on the Pain is Gameloft’s craziest title thus far. It only costs $4.00 to have your mobile phone indulge in a hatful of Chuck Norris jokes followed by an absurd premise of Chuck fighting communism and everything evil.

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