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This was by far the toughest contest series I’ve ever judged. Thanks to EVERYONE who submitted. And the winner is…

Hi guys! Sorry if I’m only announcing this now. I was out the whole day yesterday with 3/4 of the entries done. Commercial muna: if you watch a lot of television, I’m appearing in a segment for Born to Be Wild at 11:30PM tomorrow (Wednesday) hosted by Kiko on GMA7. It’s a short feature on marine conservation photography with two other members of an underwater photography club called NUDI. 🙂

OK on to the contest! Here are some of the entries that stood out because of creativity:

Mostly Everything

Hey Magel, does this ACER review even count?!

So about two weeks ago I was like:

And then Magel of Strategic Edge (Intel’s PR) put me first on the list for a really big ass ACER gaming laptop. INTEL Core i7. Lots of RAM. Radeon card. All that. Oh and it was so big, that, if you knew Magel personally, the box covered half her body. Imagine her carrying that. Oh, here’s her Facebook for reference.

Being first on the list has its perks.

She’s referring to me and Rico (who just picked up the laptop today).

You know what, reviewing really nice products makes you forget your JOB. The laptop arrived about the same time Civilization V for the PC came out (SEE ABOVE PHOTO). I had just bought the game as stock had just arrived in Datablitz (thanks for the heads up, Ms. Orpha) and met up with her to pick up the unit. Henceforth, I have been unavailable for everything else. Not even for an ACER event.

Wait I was there for WordCamp. Here’s a photo of Matt Mullenweg inside my car.

Hence we are confronted with a moral conundrum: Does missing an event because your were testing their product count as positive product engagement?! We will never know because everyone would rather discuss the RH Bill.

DUDE IT’S HUGE. I’m not kidding. That’s my 13 inch MacBook Pro on top of it.

And there are the specs. It’s OK! Comes with Blu-ray! Lots of gaming! Lots of power!

OK on a more serious note, I must say that I came to an epiphany after getting to play with this laptop. Since it’s huge, it comes with built in arm rests and that matters a LOT for someone who uses the computer everyday. You see, lately I’ve been experiencing numbness in my left pinky due to Guyon’s Canal and lo and behold, working with a big laptop makes working gaming less painful. Serious!

The price of your health: PHP 115,000.00

OK at least we learned something today! I love you, ACER! I love you, INTEL!

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Toshiba NB200 Photo Review: SRP P29,000


OK, enough of basketball and we’re now back to the geekiness. Today, Juno showed off the new NB200 which is Toshiba’s take on the netbook. Although a bit late in the game compared to other brands the NB200 is showered with praise. Three USB ports (one of which is a charging port), external VGA out, removable battery, webcam, and really big letters on the keypad make this mini lovely.

More photos after the jump.

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ACER Timeline Launch: The Ultrathin Battle is Joined

Let’s look at trends. Global netbook profit is down by 26% in the first quarter of 2009. Industry leader ACER had shipments of their netbooks up by 300% but profits down by 30%. This makes sense, as the netbook market is slowly being “filled” to the brim with the influx of, well, everybody coming up with ultra cheap laptops with very little margins. So it is quite understandable why profits will go down, despite the increase in shipment. The new business model for netbooks imply higher volumes and lower margins and it looks like this netbook strategy is slowly dying. Not that we want it dead, but we need more revenue streams!

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ACER DX650 debuts with Windows Mobile 6.1 in the Philippines (P24,990)


ACER has officially entered the Philippine Windows Mobile market with the launch of the DX650. if you want to be updated with more news about mobile phones and gadgets in the Philippines, you may subscribe to this blog.

The unit that was sent to me comes running with Windows Mobile 6.1 and like its Glofiish predecessors also comes with the SPB Shell GUI. There doesn’t seem to be any difference with this version compared to the previous one found in the DX900 and X610.

Full feature after the break.