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Toshiba’s Libretto W100 sells for PHP 72,990.00

Apparently, a Libretto is only produced once every five years. And for 2010, which is also Toshiba’s 25th anniversary as a hardware manufacturer, the Libretto was designed to be a head turner. Sure, the execs did admit that the new W100 isn’t for everyone, but it does strike a sense of elegance into the corporate space.

Full review here.

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Toshiba’s Flat Iron T110 and T130 Ultraportable


They’re not for gaming, but the new ultra-light Portege models from Toshia are indeed beautiful. There are two of them available for the market — the T110 and T130, separated only by the stock RAM available. The T110 comes with 1GB of DDR3 SDRAM, a 250GB hard drive and boasts an 11.6 inch wide screen. It’s close to a netbook, but not quite.

The T130 comes with 2GB of stock RAM and 320GB or 500GB hard disk space. This line of “flat iron” netbooks come with an Intel GMA 4500 video card. It won’t be able to play your latest games that’s for sure but an ultralight laptop doesn’t exactly fit that purpose.

All models also come with Windows 7 Home Edition in full 64 bit glory, which means that you may really want to take advantage of the higher models if you wanna boost up your RAM (the T130 can go up to 8GB). All models run on a 1.3GHz Intel SU2700 with 3MB of L2 Cache.

All models also come with 3 USB 2.0 ports but only one port is available as a charger.

P44,990 for T130 0% 12 months
P39,990 for T110 0% 12 months

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Toshiba NB200 Photo Review: SRP P29,000


OK, enough of basketball and we’re now back to the geekiness. Today, Juno showed off the new NB200 which is Toshiba’s take on the netbook. Although a bit late in the game compared to other brands the NB200 is showered with praise. Three USB ports (one of which is a charging port), external VGA out, removable battery, webcam, and really big letters on the keypad make this mini lovely.

More photos after the jump.

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TOSHIBA Year End Sale! December 4-5 2008

[Click photo to enlarge]

With the launch of their first concept store in SM Mega Mall earlier last month, Toshiba is also wrapping up 2008 with their YEAR END SALE, with up to 60% markdown on brand new units! Note that the sale is not going to be in the concept store, but in the TRICOM warehouse. The address is listed below, but if you’re familiar with the uber delicious Mickey’s Deli, it is right across!

December 4 & 5, 2008
TRICOM – 2F Metro House Bldg.
345 Sen. Gil Puyat Ave., Makati City, MM

Note that the sale is only from 8 AM to 6 PM – tricky for those with a 9 to 5 job!

Here are some photos from the concept store official opening and blessing, along with the iServ logo which you should look out for in case your Toshiba need servicing:

Toshiba’s new milestone – and this is worth mentioning, is that they now have full local support through their dealers and concept store. All you need to do is look for the Toshiba iServ logo in front of stores to know if the dealer is accredited to receive your Toshiba product.

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Toshiba FF1 Ultralight LED Projector

You know, I have a thing for underdog products. Have you ever seen this device in the market? The Toshiba FF1 projector has been doing its rounds for almost 2 years now and hasn’t really been promoted much in the Philippines. So it really caught my eye when I dropped by Tricom Dynamics along Gil Puyat about 3 months ago and asked their marketing manager if I could take a look at this product.

The Toshiba FF1 ultralight projector does not use a regular replaceable bulb. Instead, it uses LED light projection technology. Several implications to this – the bulb can’t be replaced and it doesn’t fully light up a room for presentations. But these two things it sacrifices for ultra portability as you can see from the image (it is lighter than my laptop) and it also comes with a 2 hour battery pack. Yeah, you can use these things without a plug. I was able to attach this to the Nintendo Wii, to my laptop (to watch Gossip Girl, hee!) and project to the portable screen that it comes with. The screen (photo above) is a neat addition in cases where you really can’t find a wall to project to.

Because it doesn’t release a lot of heat, the FF1 is relatively silent as well and turns on almost instantly. Not bad for 2006 technology.

Interested in ordering one? Well you won’t find them in stores anymore so you will have to go through the warehouse. The address of the warehouse and pricing is as follows: