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This was by far the toughest contest series I’ve ever judged. Thanks to EVERYONE who submitted. And the winner is…

Hi guys! Sorry if I’m only announcing this now. I was out the whole day yesterday with 3/4 of the entries done. Commercial muna: if you watch a lot of television, I’m appearing in a segment for Born to Be Wild at 11:30PM tomorrow (Wednesday) hosted by Kiko on GMA7. It’s a short feature on marine conservation photography with two other members of an underwater photography club called NUDI. 🙂

OK on to the contest! Here are some of the entries that stood out because of creativity:

This one gave me a slight LOL.

And yeah, Gerry Alanguilan references are always good:

Now for my top entries. The three mentioned here are part of my top picks, excluding the winner.

My three other finalists include …

Well this one because it was just so .. well.. irreverent. Just.. look at it!

And this one because I love Starcraft II!

And this one:

And the winner is …

The Pokemon meme by FRANCIS HOMO! It was really subtle. You didn’t have to read a lot of text either.

Francis, we will get in touch with you so you can pick up the unit from ACER.

Congratulations everyone!

By Jayvee Fernandez

Jayvee Fernandez is a tech enthusiast and sitting Techbology Editor for The Philippine STAR.

He is also an EAN certified SCUBA Diver and underwater photographer based in Metro Manila, Philippines. His photos and videos have appeared in various international and local publications including Random House Germany, Discovery Channel Canada, and CNN.

24 replies on “This was by far the toughest contest series I’ve ever judged. Thanks to EVERYONE who submitted. And the winner is…”

At least napasali sa finalists yong entry ko “It has to be Ferrari One or Nothing at all.” A newbie and a trying hard like me doesn’t expect to get there… hahaha. Thanks.

Congrats to the winner. You deserve it po.

Congratulations to the winner! @Jayvee baka may prize kahit iyung mga runner ups!ahehe! Show this to Acer, baka ma-enganyo sila magbigay ng consolation =D There were really awesome entries up there =)

Browsing through the entries before the announcement was made, I actually thought that the win will go to either the “Ferrari Men working on Acer” (one of your top picks) or “Netbot” (1st pic you posted above). Both are really well done.

Oh well, there will always be surprises I guess. 😀

Haha hardwork talaga yang robot na yan…sayang lol.

Favorite ko yang hands na may trace kasi mysterious… classic!

I also like those Ferrari men working on ACER even if it’s crowded. I can post it on my bedroom wall.

Tsaka yang si Manong ng youtube… masyado ka nang sikat. Wag ka na. =)

@Jayvee Pokemon won the toss up I guess. (Or in this case, the poke ball? =D)

But IMHO, I can really see that Ferrari pit stop entry as a very good poster / magazine ad / bill board for the Acer Ferrari One.

Great contest though! This brought out a lot of good entries. It was also fun for us observers to see creativity at play.

Congrats everyone!

Damn 3 of 6 entries where featured! Sayang pero congrats! Cool nga naman a mix of nostalgia and internet meme….

As Rhodey once in IRON MAN…

Next time baby…

Onga pala, wala bang consolation prize? 😛 Tatlo ang na feature mo:P That alone is a feat for me…:P

Oh Oh Oh!! I was thaaat close! My pit stop entry got 1st runner up! :'(

Oh well, congratulations to the winner..

@Sir Jayvee, are there any consolation prizes? 🙂
(just askin’ hehe)

hi Jayvee, finally I saw your face..

I was watching Born to be wild and then kiko mentioned your name, I was like, Is that Jayvee of abuggedlife? and yeah its you nga….hehehe! It was one of my dream, to go underwater photography…

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