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Coming Soon: More. Regular. Giveaways. Yay.

Hey geeks! If it’s one thing I’m pleased to announce for 2012, I’ve partnered with distributors to to give away more gadgets to locals who follow this blog. Thanks to you, more than 6 years of writing thousands of posts (thankfully not a lot of them were ramblings!) have given me that oomph to get out there and ask for more things to raffle off. A key learning was that although contests were great for everyone, they were sporadic and unscheduled. A partnership with key distributors would make these contests come more often PLUS they will be first to market c/o A BUGGED LIFE (YAY!!). A lot of the stuff I’ll be giving away will be available first here.

So right now, all i have to say is .. stay tuned! Add me up on Twitter (@jayvee) and Instagram (@jayveef) and yeah on Facebook too… I still don’t have a fan page, I feel weird about creating one to be honest so everything goes through my personal account. ANYWAY, the first wave of giveaways will be announced soon.

Oh look at that PowerMat.. it charges your gadgets without wires through magnetic induction! So geeky.

Mostly Everything

There is signal underwater! Hands on with the Patima iPhone 4s UW Housing

UPDATE For a more affordable iPhone 4/4s casing, check out the iDive Site case for only PHP 5,999.00

Photo above: That’s me, doing extreme camwhoring! Shot by Boogs Rosales.

EDIT 3: Have a look at the new Patima housing for the GoPro HERO / HERO2

EDIT 2: Instead of hardware, iOS 5.1 users can download the i-Patima app that lets you use the camera underwater. DOWNLOAD IT HERE.

EDIT: Since the new iOS 5.1 update that changes the way users access the camera from the lock screen, Patima is releasing an adapter that will allow you to continue using the iPhone4s as intended underwater.

Some time ago I got word of a pretty little item that would amaze SCUBA divers and iPhone users. Made in Korea, the Patima underwater housing could withstand pressures up to 300 meters deep. That’s almost 1,000 feet and way way beyond recreational depths. Well I finally got the chance to try it out thanks to Jovic of Splash UW Imaging. Before I continue, note that I am not affiliated with Splash UW Imaging in any way nor do I get anything from the sales of this product.

Let’s begin!

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The DOT linked back to my ‘It’s More Fun’ Tutorial!

Got home to a big surprise! The Department of Tourism has linked my “It’s More Fun” meme tutorial onto their front page under Fun Stuff! I’m really happy that the blog has been recognized in this way.

The site also links back to other amazing works from fellow netizens as well as official “It’s More Fun” wallpapers, social network avatars, and animated logos. Great work!

Last week I got a glimpse of the new DOT tourism video while at an IMMAP function. Sec. Mon Jimenez was the guest of honor and showed us the 90% completed ‘It’s More Fun’ PH tourism video. All I have to say is that it’s really amazing and something we can be very proud of. The video managed to portray an accurate as well as positive image of our country’s diversity in people and natural resources. It’s so good, people were too engaged to even snap it with their cameras.

It’s definitely more fun in the Philippines! Thanks for the heads up, Corey!=)

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I’m giving away 3 really epic bags from Crumpler. Join my contest!

First off, I’d like to thank Charlie for sponsoring this giveaway to the readers. Crumpler has been really generous — they’re giving away three quality bags courtesy of ABL. I’ve been a long time Crumpler user, owning an assortment of bags and accessories (like this branded Crumpler toilet paper). I can attest to Crumpler’s durability, especially during the rainy season. I once had a 12″ messenger bag from Crumpler for my iBook that survived rainfall and being dropped in the mud. True Story.

Before we go on to the contest rules, let me show you the prizes:

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A Bugged Life: Journey Through the Years

Hello. My name is Jayvee Fernandez and I’ve been the sole proprietor of A Bugged Life for more than 5 years. Back then, the site was hosted on a free platform with this URL This post, thanks to the way back machine, is a look into all the past templates of my personal blog.

Click on the images for bigger versions.