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How it feels looking through Google Glass

POV videos. Spiffy.

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Our Bacolod Wedding

Bacolod Suppliers:
Flowers and Table Arrangements: Beng Picart Villanueva
Catering: Tizon’s (buffet) Calea (wedding cakes) Aida’s (chicken inasal) The Lacson Mansion (brick oven pizza) Virgie’s (Giveaways)
Coordinator: Cat Regalado

3.3.12. Our wedding day.

Due to requests from friends and relatives wanting photos of our wedding details, I decided to put them up here. Our wedding ceremony was held at Sta. Clara Church with the reception following at the Lacson Mansion, which is the ancestral house of the family (from my father’s side). We turned the Mansion into a garden of treats where our guests could experience “a day in Bacolod” in one venue. We didn’t have a wedding cake — we had 13 cakes from Calea. 🙂

Photos (and sick Instagram skills) by Nonie Azores. Photo above by Mayk Pericon. Video by Tronco. Click below for more photos of the details.

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Rico and I attempt to destroy an “anti-theft” bag

When Denise contacted us and asked if we wanted to review a bag, we obviously had to ask what made this particular bag special. Like its competitor Pacsafe, these bags from Travelon are equipped with some anti-theft countermeasures that Rico and I decided to test.

I actually wrote about these bags back in June but only got to do a real hands on now. We asked if we could do ANYTHING it and she agreed.

So we introduced it to the sharp end of my dive knife.

Enjoy! =) If you like the video, do let us know what else we should review!

(P.S. Travelon is not an advertiser on this site. The idea to break the bag came from me)



The Underwater Photographer

An inside look how serious enthusiasts and pros endure the most arduous of conditions just to take that perfect underwater shot. Poisonous marine life, sweeping currents, unpredictable water visibility, limited bottom time juxtaposed high risk to expensive photo gear & self are just some of the variables which make underwater photography one of the most difficult yet highly rewarding branches of photography.

Photos and Video by Jun Lao.

I joined my first underwater photo competition last week. There were a total of 82 participants from the Philippines and beyond and it was a literal breath-taking experience. I did a total of 5 dives over the weeek end, two spent in San Agapito Reef with some of the strongest currents experienced by man. It was so strong, we had to abort one dive because we got swept away into the blue.

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‘Running with Sardines’ a piece I wrote for

Bianca Grey of Rappler asked me for a piece on my most memorable travels around the country. Hands down, it was the Sardine Run of Pescador Island in Moalboal, Cebu.

MOALBOAL, Cebu City – From afar, it looked like we were floating into an underwater valley that vanished into the blue.

But then I remembered we were diving around a very small island with no other rock formations visible from above. It was impossible to have something this huge and this dense underwater with no manifestation from the surface. Then, as we got closer to these formations, our eyes adjusted and all of a sudden, the wall on the left didn’t look like a wall at all. Because walls don’t stay still. It was shifting, turning, and sparkling against the sunlight with parts of it breaking away for a split second and then coming back.

‘Running with Sardines’ by Jayvee Fernandez