Is Google Getting Ready to Sell its Smart Contact Lens?

From bracelets that can track your daily activity and heart rate to watches that accept phone calls and send text messages, wearable technology is becoming more common. Until now, medical professionals have had to rely on obtrusive home tests and patient compliance to gather daily data on their patient’s chronic medical conditions. For millions of diabetics, this means constant monitoring of fluctuating blood glucose levels via a finger prick and a portable blood glucose monitor. A team within tech giant Google, known as Google X, is working on making wearable technology in the form a smart contact lens. Think of a smart lens as an amped-up technology-rich version of your favorite contact lenses such as the ultra-popular Acuvue Oasys lenses.

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How it feels looking through Google Glass

POV videos. Spiffy.

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And now a short one on Google Glass

There was a brilliant article written a couple of weeks ago illustrating how in the near future (meaning the next 2 years) there will be two kinds of photos — the (1) photos that capture events and the photos that (2) capture what you actually see:

Imagine actors and athletes doing what they do today on Twitter—sharing their adventures from a first-person POV—except doing it with Glass.

And that’s how Facebook would differentiate with Glass. One gives you a summary while the other freezes a moment. In a way, Glass is like a visual Twitter.


On something completely different, people have asked if Glass will eat into the sales of GoPro? That’s assuming that Google successfully launches this product in the next 12-24 months and they manage to bring the price down to something consumer-friendly. As of late, it’s pegged at USD $1,500.00.

Looking at the tech, it might be easy to assume that these GoPro headsets will go the way of the pager, as the more advanced Glass technology relegates the core functions of a GoPro. But because Glass is so delicate, whereas GoPro cameras are built to rate in “extreme” environments, this may push the latter to focus on these types of active lifestyles such as SCUBA diving (GoPro cameras have o-rings… the sheer pressure would crush Glass).

Future just got a bit more exciting.