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Rico and I attempt to destroy an “anti-theft” bag

When Denise contacted us and asked if we wanted to review a bag, we obviously had to ask what made this particular bag special. Like its competitor Pacsafe, these bags from Travelon are equipped with some anti-theft countermeasures that Rico and I decided to test.

I actually wrote about these bags back in June but only got to do a real hands on now. We asked if we could do ANYTHING it and she agreed.

So we introduced it to the sharp end of my dive knife.

Enjoy! =) If you like the video, do let us know what else we should review!

(P.S. Travelon is not an advertiser on this site. The idea to break the bag came from me)


Mostly Everything

What the new SMART Netphone commercial is really telling us

So the new TVC for SMART’s Netphone is out. Decent phone. Amazing SmartNet services for dirt cheap. But after seeing the TVC, now I know what the number 1 benefit of Netphone will be. The commercial is above. Below is what I think it’s really telling us.

Mostly Everything

On Gatecrashing Events (And no, it’s not what you think)

There is a highly controversial thread on the Pinoy Bloggers Facebook group that talks about gatecrashers in media events. For the record, this isn’t an isolated thing with bloggers but also happens with the mainstream press. In the latter’s case, this is about the creation of fake press ID’s which Tom, Dick and Harry wave around the function rooms of hotel lobbies for a free meal.

But that is beside the point.


These so called gatecrashers created a new blog that documents, in meticulous detail, how they were able to circumvent the RSVP list and make it to each and every function, survive the proceedings, and leave with a loot bag uncontested.


I’d read that.

If it was well written.


It will become extremely popular and PR folks will actually invite them to events.

And that would suck.