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The DOT linked back to my ‘It’s More Fun’ Tutorial!

Got home to a big surprise! The Department of Tourism has linked my “It’s More Fun” meme tutorial onto their front page under Fun Stuff! I’m really happy that the blog has been recognized in this way.

The site also links back to other amazing works from fellow netizens as well as official “It’s More Fun” wallpapers, social network avatars, and animated logos. Great work!

Last week I got a glimpse of the new DOT tourism video while at an IMMAP function. Sec. Mon Jimenez was the guest of honor and showed us the 90% completed ‘It’s More Fun’ PH tourism video. All I have to say is that it’s really amazing and something we can be very proud of. The video managed to portray an accurate as well as positive image of our country’s diversity in people and natural resources. It’s so good, people were too engaged to even snap it with their cameras.

It’s definitely more fun in the Philippines! Thanks for the heads up, Corey!=)

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How to make your own “It’s More Fun in the Philippines” Meme

Hot Air Balloon Festival, Clark Pampanga (Every February of the year)

UPDATE VI: The DOT linked back to my tutorial from their official website!

UPDATE V: Lester Bambico has programmed and uploaded an “It’s More Fun” app into the Android Marketplace. More details here (with screenshots!)

UPDATE IV: Looks like some of my work is featured in SPOT.PH. Three of them. Including the tutorial.

UPDATE III: Someone made a DOT Philippines now has an official “More Fun” maker over the weekend. You can visit the site at It allows you to upload a photo, add a caption and choose whether to place it on top or at the bottom of the image. If you’re not comfortable using Photoshop or any other photo editing tool, this is the easiest way to get your “More Fun” meme out!

UPDATE II: The amazing Arnold Gamboa (@arnoldgamboa on Twitter) used his coding skills to build a living Twitter wall where you can view the crowd-made “It’s More Fun in the Philippines” photos. Nice one! The site is: To be included here, all you need to do is Tweet your photo + include the hashtag. The site grabs photos every 5 minutes.

UPDATE: Added an extra step to focus on SEO for image search and added more examples below. Enjoy!

It’s More Fun in the Philippines. You know the new DOT online campaign works because it really gets netizens involved. Most are using the hashtag (#ItsMoreFunInThePhilippines) but others are getting their creative juices flowing and making their own DOT-inspired images based on their personal experiences around the 7,000++ islands.

Now I’m pretty sure BBDO Guerrero will provide an easy to use web tool where anyone can upload photos and add text from the new It’s More Fun in the Philippines site. But in the meantime, here’s one way you can create your own “Philipp-FUN” memes.

Are you ready? Let’s go!

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Dear Internet: The Atty. Topacio Meme

So a number of people were rather “disturbed” by the screen grab of Atty. Topacio’s interview. The portait sitting above him was one of Adolf Hitler. Does having a portrait of someone nailed to the wall behind you really mean that much?


Dear Internet, presenting the Topacio Meme:

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Samsung pokes fun at iPhone fanboys

This ad is spot on. It’s exactly the reaction I get from people who see the Galaxy S II. As I said in previous posts, the S II is the only phone that turns the heads of the fanboys.

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SKADOOSH! Kung Fu Panda 2 Viral with Jack Black

One of the most creative viral videos I’ve seen that partnered with YouTube. It’s quite similar to the Nintendo Wii viral campaign for Wario Land a many many months ago.

Watch and follow the instructions!