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NBA 2K13 is out: make sure you buy the PH version as in-game items are region locked

XPLAY.PH sells NBA2K13 at the following prices:
PS3 PHP 2,595
XBOX 360 PHP 2,495
PC PHP 1,995
PSP PHP 1,895

Just a friendly PSA from the good guys of NBA 2K13 — with the game being released this week in the Philippines for all platforms, it needs to be noted that if you’re going to be playing this on the PC, XBOX 360 or Playstation 3, you absolutely should get your copy from a local vendor as the in-game items are region-locked.

I’m not a huge sports gamer on the console and PC (my brother is) but I can understand the huge frustration when you bring home a disk from another region expecting to be able to access the online features and DLC’s — and you can’t because they’re blocked from South East Asia.

So, do yourself a favor and buy original from a local vendor. If you’re planning on ordering this from Steam (like its predecessors), it isn’t available.

On another note, if you’re willing to spend a bit more for freebies, check out the Dynasty Edition which gives you the following additional items:


Full sized basketball from Spalding and Art of Basketball
2K Sports Ink’d Earbuds from Skullcandy
2K13 DLC: All-Star add-on content package sponsored by Sprite
2K13 controller skin from Sklnlt for XBOX 360 or PS3

Mostly Everything


Heard about Awesomenauts from the Gamers with Jobs podcast a couple of weeks ago. Decided to check it out on PSN. For USD $9.99 you get a MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) themed game similar to DoTA and League of Legends but done as a side scrolling platformer. The premise is simple: two teams of three have to fight for control over the battlefield. Victory is declared to the team that destroy’s the enemy’s base first.

First impressions:

  • definitely a recommended purchase because it’s the only DoTA themed game on the console. All the other battle arena games are made for the PC
  • gameplay provides hours of fun as you can play couch (local games) with two other friends; you don’t always have to play online and if you lack players, the computer-controlled bots can always join in the fun
  • easy to learn, tough to master which is typical of this genre

Awesomenauts is a game with a lot of soul. Upon release, it’s practically well-balanced and the “Saturday morning cartoon” theme really works in favor of the genre. This game is available for download on XBOX Live and PSN for USD $9.99.

If you decide to get this, hit me up on PSN under LOLZMOWER.

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Breach is out! USD $11.00 only on Steam

Breach is a bit left of center from traditional FPS games because it combines 3rd person cover (ala Gears of War) and contextual environment destruction (ala Bad Company 2). The destruction part is rather interesting as ammo types have different effects on the environment.

Multiplayer only.


Destroy Almost Anything: Welcome to the world’s most destructible battlefield, filled with all sorts of nasty new tactics to use against your opponents.

Active Cover: Attach to cover instantly with the push of a button and then use cover to gain advantages against opponents — even while your cover is being destroyed.

Unique Real-life Spy Equipment: Use real-life spy gadgets, like a Sonic Imager that lets you see what’s on the other side of a wall and a Sniper Detector that finds campers lying in wait for you.

Lots of Variety: Includes five levels, five game types, 23 unlockable weapons, 13 perks, plus dozens of attachments and gadgets.

Hard Core Mode: For those who like to play the way real operatives train, Hard Core Mode, the Sole Survivor game type, and the highly destructible battlefield create one of the most realistic military experiences in gaming.

Dedicated Server: Host your own dedicated servers if you’d like, complete with remote administration.