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One day till Diablo III. Retail Version vs Digital Download

Don’t be surprised if a lot of people call in sick tomorrow. Starting 3AM, Tuesday, May 15 the servers for Diablo III are going live. Fans have been waiting a decade for the triumvirate to be completed. I still remember my days in college, cutting a few classes just to join in on the LAN sessions at the gaming cafe beside school.

For the record I didn’t buy the collector’s edition as I’ve learned the hard way that these things take up a lot of space (case in point: Warhammer Online Collector’s Ed) and despite the fact that the box comes with cool add ons to your character, the real-money auction house system will definitely spark a number of doodads that will make the Collector’s Ed exclusives cry manly tears.

On the D3 Facebook group, Joseph Datu has unboxed his PHP 11,000 Collectors Edition with the Diablo Skull + 4GB USB Soulstone. It’s huge!

D3 Collector’s Ed photo by Joseph Datu. Congratulations! If I had more space in my place, I’d definitely get this.

Instead of the retail box — Collector’s Edition counted, I really just wanted to download the game way ahead of time so it would be a breeze installing. No box. No lines. I still own the game. Not sure if this is symptoms of getting old, but at this point in my life, 10 years after Diablo II, I prefer foregoing the formalities and getting it on. Save paper.

So that’s it. Looks like a long evening. 3AM guys. See ya in New Tristam.

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Breach is out! USD $11.00 only on Steam

Breach is a bit left of center from traditional FPS games because it combines 3rd person cover (ala Gears of War) and contextual environment destruction (ala Bad Company 2). The destruction part is rather interesting as ammo types have different effects on the environment.

Multiplayer only.


Destroy Almost Anything: Welcome to the world’s most destructible battlefield, filled with all sorts of nasty new tactics to use against your opponents.

Active Cover: Attach to cover instantly with the push of a button and then use cover to gain advantages against opponents — even while your cover is being destroyed.

Unique Real-life Spy Equipment: Use real-life spy gadgets, like a Sonic Imager that lets you see what’s on the other side of a wall and a Sniper Detector that finds campers lying in wait for you.

Lots of Variety: Includes five levels, five game types, 23 unlockable weapons, 13 perks, plus dozens of attachments and gadgets.

Hard Core Mode: For those who like to play the way real operatives train, Hard Core Mode, the Sole Survivor game type, and the highly destructible battlefield create one of the most realistic military experiences in gaming.

Dedicated Server: Host your own dedicated servers if you’d like, complete with remote administration.

Mostly Everything

Warhammer Online: Rally for Philippine Players!

Ah, the Joys of War!

Thus a few good things must come to an end. And we’re talking of preview weekends and open beta. Today, the Warhammer Herald announced:


What an awesome week it’s been!

Not only has the feedback been terrific but with your help we’ve been able to get the game in great shape for launch.

Beta started over a year ago and it’s truly amazing to see how far things have come, the community has grown and game just continued to improve more and more.

This has been an awesome experience and we are proud to have shared it all with you. Celebrate this moment because for many WAR is Here!

We now welcome you to take a few hours, catch up on sleep, and to all of our CE Pre-Order customers come on back at 1PM EDT for the opening of Head Start and be the first to blaze your destiny in the forges of WAR!

We cannot wait to begin the journeys to come with all of you and whether you join us in the Standard Edition Head Start or come back for launch on the 18th we look forward to welcoming you and sharing your adventures and victories in our world.

In just a few short minutes the Open Beta servers will be closed at 4AM EDT. Enjoy these last moments and prepare for those to come in the years ahead.

The road has been a long and awesome experience, but you aint seen nothing yet!

It is with our deepest gratitude and thunderous excitement that we officially end Beta. Congratulations, WAR has come and together we will unveil it to the world, a new day rises and with it comes the Age of Reckoning…

We’ll see you on the battlefield…To WAR!!!

Texted Kiven today asking what server he’d be playing in. It would be cool if the Pinoys bunched up in one server (actually, 2 servers – one for Order and another for Destruction). The logical choice would be the Oceanic servers but from what I heard, some people have a better pipe connection to the US than Australia depending on your ISP.

The Collectors Edition (me! me!) head start happens on the afternoon of the 14th (US time). Thus far, the game has delivered almost everything I looked for in an MMO including this:

WTF! I’m only LEVEL 2 and already fighting Dragonzz!


For organization purposes, I think the best place to go to rally into the “living guild” would be over here. Of course, I’m not imposing on anybody. It’s just nice to see a familiar face i nthe battlefield – even if he is your enemy! I’ll probably be found playing at the Darklands or Ironclaw Oceanic servers. On second thought it’s actually more strategic to choose a server that wasn’t in the open beta (like Marius) as a lot of guilds have already chosen these. It’s psychology, no really (!!!), and choosing the “default servers” might cram the queue. Y tu?

P.S. Warhammer Oceanic has a listing of guilds here.