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Samsung ATIV Book 9 Lite will sell in the Philippines for PHP 29,999

samsung ativ book 9

So what exactly will a PHP 30,000 notebook get you? For one, it is powered by a breakthrough processor called ‘S Quad Core’ and will have 128GB SSD storage. Not bad. Not bad at all. For something that hails the ‘9’ series of Samsung devices and costs a fraction of the price, definitely not bad at all.

We got hold of this information from an earlier briefing during the SideSync unveil and if you look at the foreign press releases, the material only references the processor to be a ‘Quad Core processor’ but upon further inspection it seems like a partnership with AMD. Will Samsung be able to break away and manufacture their own processors in the future?

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SMART LTE official launch has a date: August 25 2012

If you were at the LTE forum today, the biggest news is that SMART Communications is finally taking their LTE service out of closed beta and into commercial availability this coming August 25 2012. There is still no word on official pricing and specific devices (the up and coming iPhone 5 is rumored to have LTE connectivity) but it seems that NTT Docomo, SMART’s partner will be providing the hardware because of the similarity in the spectrum (maybe phones and dongles — who knows?!). Here’s a short list of LTE enabled sites from the beta, which means that more are coming.

So that’s that. August 25 2012. A completely new spectrum. Completely new technology. Huge network overhaul.

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Google Fiber launches in a few hours

Looks exciting? What exactly is Google Fiber?

Google Fiber is a project to build an experimental broadband internet network infrastructure using fiber-optic communication in Kansas City, Kansas and Kansas City, Missouri, following a selection process. Over 1,100 communities applied to be the first recipient of the technology. Google announced on March 30, 2011 that Kansas City, Kansas will be the first community where the experimental network would be deployed.On May 17, 2011, Google announced that the service would be expanded to include the Kansas City, Missouri metro area. On July 24, 2012, Google announced that fiber would be available in two days (July 26). Neither pricing nor initial availability were mentioned. [Wikipedia]

So essentially, it’s an ISP that gives 1 gigabit per second and it’s not in the Philippines.

That is all.

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Stay a while and listen: The Diablo III Launch

EDIT: In the finishing stretch of the installer, the devs change the color of the progress bar and go into minute details of how much longer it’s going to take. Brilliant. The anticipation!!!


At 8:01AM PDT servers around the world opened for the launch of Diablo III. But Blizzard really knows how to tease and the servers only unlock the installer, in time for the actual launch of the game which is sometime on the 15th of May PDT.

You know what’s better than trending on Twitter? Crashing a server. After the game unlocked, everyone got this error:

“ERROR: Unable to initialize streaming. Please check
your Internet connection. If this problem persists,
please contact Blizzard Techinical Support.

Looks like the seed hasn’t been uploaded yet. Or something. Or really there are just too many people.

This is the most in(tense) product launch ever. A launch I’ve been waiting for over a decade. Exciting!

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One day till Diablo III. Retail Version vs Digital Download

Don’t be surprised if a lot of people call in sick tomorrow. Starting 3AM, Tuesday, May 15 the servers for Diablo III are going live. Fans have been waiting a decade for the triumvirate to be completed. I still remember my days in college, cutting a few classes just to join in on the LAN sessions at the gaming cafe beside school.

For the record I didn’t buy the collector’s edition as I’ve learned the hard way that these things take up a lot of space (case in point: Warhammer Online Collector’s Ed) and despite the fact that the box comes with cool add ons to your character, the real-money auction house system will definitely spark a number of doodads that will make the Collector’s Ed exclusives cry manly tears.

On the D3 Facebook group, Joseph Datu has unboxed his PHP 11,000 Collectors Edition with the Diablo Skull + 4GB USB Soulstone. It’s huge!

D3 Collector’s Ed photo by Joseph Datu. Congratulations! If I had more space in my place, I’d definitely get this.

Instead of the retail box — Collector’s Edition counted, I really just wanted to download the game way ahead of time so it would be a breeze installing. No box. No lines. I still own the game. Not sure if this is symptoms of getting old, but at this point in my life, 10 years after Diablo II, I prefer foregoing the formalities and getting it on. Save paper.

So that’s it. Looks like a long evening. 3AM guys. See ya in New Tristam.