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Heard about Awesomenauts from the Gamers with Jobs podcast a couple of weeks ago. Decided to check it out on PSN. For USD $9.99 you get a MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) themed game similar to DoTA and League of Legends but done as a side scrolling platformer. The premise is simple: two teams of three have to fight for control over the battlefield. Victory is declared to the team that destroy’s the enemy’s base first.

First impressions:

  • definitely a recommended purchase because it’s the only DoTA themed game on the console. All the other battle arena games are made for the PC
  • gameplay provides hours of fun as you can play couch (local games) with two other friends; you don’t always have to play online and if you lack players, the computer-controlled bots can always join in the fun
  • easy to learn, tough to master which is typical of this genre

Awesomenauts is a game with a lot of soul. Upon release, it’s practically well-balanced and the “Saturday morning cartoon” theme really works in favor of the genre. This game is available for download on XBOX Live and PSN for USD $9.99.

If you decide to get this, hit me up on PSN under LOLZMOWER.