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A Valentine’s gift from UNO Magazine.

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UNO Throwdown: Atticus King vs Sarah Gaugler


When we were conceptualizing this event, it dawned on us that there were many kitchen geeks who hid behind the closet. Although giving roses that were grown from your own backyard may be pushing it, serving dinner prepared by your very own hands is something every lady can appreciate. So we’ve come up with something fun and different and we hope you can make it. Please RSVP to april at Trust me, it will be fun! Our very own Atticus King vs. tattoo artist / UNO lady Sarah Gaugler coached by Chef Laudico (Bistro Filipino) and Chef Raymundo (Five Cows)!!!

On another note, we’ve also uploaded behind the scenes footage from our cover shoot with Ciara Marasigan-Serumgard. You can check it out on our website, but I’ve also embedded it here for convenience:


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It’s Ciara this August

ciara marasigan

I sent her a Facebook message.

Hey Ciara, I’m flipping through the latest ish, hot off the presses, I said. She replied, and told me she was nervous as she hasn’t seen the article. I said:

The article written by Aldus is as always brilliant. If you’re wondering if it it follows the usual “what turns you on,” ” what do you like in a guy” sort of format that typical men’s magazines go for, then let me put your hesitations to rest.

I went on to tell her that I was about to enter my class in AIM and was going to conveniently display the new issue as part of a case study for UNO’s rebranding to 60 of my students. Had RJ along as well to talk about the rebrand while I discussed the online strategy (it was an Internet Marketing class).

It’s age I guess. Seeing a college friend on the cover of the magazine I write for. Good times. Grab a copy. It’s a great issue.

Oh and don’t mind the slight camera distortion. I was shooting in wide.

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Celine Lopez on our June Cover


A late post for me, but better this than never. Celine is on our front cover for June. And if you’re interested in seeing what was behind it, we uploaded the shoot below.

If you’ve seen the issue up front, you’ll notice the cover lines that don’t appear on the online version. It’s almost like a hologram. With David Bowie references all over.

Y’know, the guy from Labyrinth.

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UNO Magazine at Martini’s on the 21st


Hey, first off thanks for coming to Capone’s last month. This weekend, we’re doing it again but this time we’re officially welcoming RJ Ledesma as the new editor in chief. You might have seen a sneak peek last month, but it is true — UNO is heading towards a new direction with a completely new team. This month we’re having cocktails at the Martini’s this weekend, the 21st of March 9:00 PM.

If you wish to RSVP, you can fill out the form below: