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A little something from Rachel Lobangco’s DRENCH Project

Sharing with you three photos from the upcoming DRENCH Project by Rachel Lobangco. I was invited to pose in front of the camera and get wet. For charity! Bambi had asked me to bring either my wetsuit or a vintage pinstrip coat I had in the closet but since the latter belonged to my late grandfather, I opted for the apparel that would stand to be more resilient drenched in water. Note that I don’t think that the shots I’m posting here are the final edits for the actual exhibit. I think they got me as a tech blogger. In a wetsuit. Hrhrhr.

A few notes:

In one of the shots I’m holding the first QWERTY HP Pocket PC device, the HP iPAQ 4355 which I had broken many years ago while playing air hockey. So we drenched it as well.

In another shot I’m holding one of two AQUATEC underwater LED lights which I use for night and wreck diving. These things go as far as 100 meters deep at 100 lumens.

Oh and just to share with you the photo that made me want do this — I found it trippy how Chef Laudico was in on it with his chef knife.

Photos by Mike Yu
Make up by Bambi de la Cruz

Mostly Everything

UNO Throwdown: Atticus King vs Sarah Gaugler


When we were conceptualizing this event, it dawned on us that there were many kitchen geeks who hid behind the closet. Although giving roses that were grown from your own backyard may be pushing it, serving dinner prepared by your very own hands is something every lady can appreciate. So we’ve come up with something fun and different and we hope you can make it. Please RSVP to april at Trust me, it will be fun! Our very own Atticus King vs. tattoo artist / UNO lady Sarah Gaugler coached by Chef Laudico (Bistro Filipino) and Chef Raymundo (Five Cows)!!!

On another note, we’ve also uploaded behind the scenes footage from our cover shoot with Ciara Marasigan-Serumgard. You can check it out on our website, but I’ve also embedded it here for convenience: