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Hello again. Digital Job Openings at SMART Communications

Good day.

SMART Communications is hiring. Brand new digital team. Built from scratch. Grow. Opinions heard and valued. CLIENT side. Not agency. Work with the industry leader. Innovation leader. Solid.

Handle social media. Handle digital marketing. Handle projects of sites. Make love to the Internet.

Send resume here:

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What (usually) happens after IMMAP

The following conversation takes place on the Monday after IMMAP.

Marketing Manager (MM): “Sir I’m back from IMMAP!”

CEO: “That’s good. What did you learn?”

MM: “That we should have conversations with our customers. They are our equals. That we should not be afraid to let them take control of our message. That we should be transparent and learn to take risks and reform our company to seeing Internet campaigns as a process, like building real relationships.”

CEO: “What?! We can’t do those. Regional will kill me. And besides we don’t have time. Let’s just do online ads.”

MM: “K.”

Mostly Everything

Ah, The Good Times.


When you stare down at the precipice of uncertainty, it sometimes means that you’re looking from the wrong direction. And it is the same with predictions and musings of every writer that “this year will be this..” or “this year won’t be more of that from last year…” But I’ve noticed though — and thank the holidays — that the new year is usually a gift providing incentive to going back to your roots. With friends coming home (and yes I still have relatives coming home till mid Feb for family nuptials), it is becoming more and more apparent how I see myself in the light of friends: the formative years, family, and going back to this quasi time warp makes me see decisions that I’ve made in light of where I’ve come from.

“If you are lost, always remember your roots.” Sasuke once told Naruto.

Ah the Good Times. I write this in perspective to something Anton Diaz blogged about a couple of days ago when I met him, Regnard Raquedan and Prof. Lim from AIM. It was a comfortable meeting, with much allusion to the fact that a lot of my roots were painted among the walls of the Asian Institute of Management (where both my parents met – my dad was a student, mom was the professor’s secretary — hee!).

Anton writes:

This was a significant day for me. I met with Professor Ricky Lim of AIM, Regnard Raquedan of AIM blogger fame and Jayvee Fernandez of abuggedlife. We shared a common vision of transforming the Asian Institute of Management (AIM MBA School) into being the foremost recognized educational institution for Internet Marketing and Social Marketing in South East Asia.

I took in a teaching position last year at AIM (yes, dad was proud – he taught case study there as well). The goal was to set up a series of electives for social media marketing – AIM being the premier in case studies and having a rich history in MBA’s – and paired together with several mavens from the local new media scene. I was point of contact. We brought in Anton. Regnard was, by default the famous “AIM blogger.” There are a ton more. I love meeting brilliant people who want nothing less than changing this country for the better. It’s my passion. It’s what makes me completely happy.

And we really do plan to grow this into something big: I’m surprised I can even write about it.

Ah, The Good Times. And it, I assure you, always comes from roots.