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Nokia DiscOVIries Week 4: FILM

EDIT: I was half-hearted for the winner of this week’s contest because there were so many great entries like this and several others — my top 5 choices were really amazing shots, but they didn’t qualify because they missed out entering their OVI email address or they posted photos after the cut off time. 🙁



Many months ago, dad showed me something he inherited from the war days. This is a circa 1940 Ciro-Flex TLR (Twin Lens Reflex) that still works. Honestly, I haven’t used it much, as the comforts of digital photography outweigh the relative impediment of buying and developing film. But no one can deny that shooting in film has its charm — especially today with the craze of 35mm film and lomography coming back.

Hondo on Holga

So this week’s theme focuses on a niche — film photography. If you shoot on film, all you need to do is upload your shots to the folder below. Also, please include the camera model, film and if possible, settings when you upload your shots. Don’t forget the description! The winner will be determined by a secret panel of guest judges, so the more you upload, the better chances there are of winning.

Double Exposure


Above are some of the current entries for this week’s contest.

This contest will start today, October 19, 2009 and will end before midnight on Sunday, October 24 ’09. The rules can be found here. The prize this week is still a P2,000.00 eGC from Ayala which is really just as good as cash!

Sign up now for an Ovi account and make sure you include your OVI email address in the photo description.

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DiscOVIries Week 3 Contest: Display Your Gadgets


The photo above illustrates 75% of all the gadgets under my custody. I own 50% of that. Inside the boxes and crates are more gadgets, chargers, cables, and over 10 lenses for my SLR. Not seen in the photo are my podcasting equipment (mic, desktop and boom stands), 2 portable drives, ACER desktop, two MacBooks, all in one printer, Quad Core rig, my dive gear, my Randall amplifier, and extra LCD monitor.

I run a tech blog with a pinch of travel and food here and there. Before blogging, I was a tech journalist and have, in sum, reviewed hundreds of gadgets. Several dozens of reviews and 7 years later I’m still doing what I love to do. I’ve written 60 issues worth of tech-related articles and overflowed the rest into 2,500 blog posts across various sites.

I salute the more established tech journalists who have done so much more! 🙂

THEME: Display Your Gadgets

Show me yours and I’ll show you mine! The photo above is an example. Take a shot of all your gadgets and tell me your story. For such an impersonal piece of amalgamated plastic and aluminum, there is always a good human interest story somewhere there. That’s what I want you to narrate.

P.S. You know, the term “gadgets” isn’t limited to tech. If you’re a beauty blogger, show us your loot! If you’re a travel blogger, show us your gear. Show off your passion!


My favorite gadget thus far was a freebie from a press conference. It’s what I use to communicate with Art Samaniego. Clue: it’s not the mic.


The contest rules can be found here. This will run from today till Sunday 11:59 PM.

Have fun!



I’d like to announce the winner of my contest for the second week. The winner is Hannah Villasis of She wins a P2,000.00 GC from Ayala Malls and a chance to win a Nokia phone at the end of the contest period! 🙂

Sorry Carl I know you uploaded a ton of photos during the latter part of the week, but oh well. Better luck next time! 😉

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DiscOVIries Week 1 Contest: Your Workstation Photo

I hope everyone is safe. To bring back a sense of normalcy, I’m running a new contest. This will be going on every week till the end of November ’09!

UPDATE: If you win this round, you will have a chance to also win a brand new Nokia phone! This is the first contest within a series that will last till the end of November ’09. Lots of prizes to give away!

Yay! We’re giving away stuff. This is all thanks to Ovi by Nokia. Since a huge part of OVI in the Philippines is about sharing photos and videos with friends, I’ll be asking my readers who wish to join to share a little bit of themselves through photos. I will be giving out prizes for the next 8 thematic weeks to the lucky winners of my contest. Sorry, no bikinis this time. BUT … I have PHP 2,000.00 worth of Ayala eGC’s up for grabs, which is really just as good as cold cash, more than enough to buy a bikini.


I was thinking of a fun and easy to do theme for the first week. For the duration of week one, I want you to take a photo of your workstation(s) at home or at … work and upload the shots to my OVI dropbox (the password for the folder is “ovi” if asked). Make sure you include your name, OVI email address, and a description of your workstation. Don’t be shy — it doesn’t need to be geeky! You can upload as many unique photos of your workstations as you want provided that you follow the guidelines. As an example, I’ve uploaded my workstation photo above.

I have a 2 monitor setup (the other monitor behind the MacBook isn’t being used). The ACER desktop is mainly for gaming. I have 2 external HD’s, my TLR camera, multifunction printer, a Belkin WLAN router, several twisted cables and my PADI hat 😉 The other MacBook is in the other room.

Contest Mechanics:
1. This contest is open from September 28 ’09 – October 4 ’09
2. Cut off date is every Sunday 11:59 PM
3. The prize for this week is P2,000.00 worth of Ayala Electronic Gift Check (which is actually as good as cash)
4. You need to be a resident of the Philippines

Contest Steps:
1. Create an OVI account and activate your OVI email address
2. Upload a photo onto my OVI share folder (what’s cool about OVI is the fact that you can create public folders where anybody can drop photos / video) following the theme (again, a photo of your workstation)
3. For every photo entry, you should have your name, OVI email address ([email protected]) and a short description about the photo

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2 Ways to Never Lose Your Contacts Again!

If you value Nokia’s brand equity and have owned a succession of Nokia phones, you may wonder if there are other ways to backup or synchronize your data apart from using the Nokia PC Suite. If you’re on a Mac, you can use the iSync plugin, but Nokia has introduced two ways to sync data to make switching phones easier.