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HOLIDAY GADGET SWARM WEEK III: Samsung is giving away a SHARK SERIES SF410 gaming notebook

When I asked Samsung if they wanted to sponsor my anniversary, they did so without hesitation. I’d like to thank Juno and Odette for sending us a brand new SHARK SERIES notebook, the SF410. Guys, this portable is kick ass. It runs on an Intel Core i5 processor, 4GB of RAM and a GeForce 310M card. This isn’t just for work — IT’S A DECENT GAMING LAPTOP!

With curves.

Samsung is throwing in so many goodies into their line of portables. If you’re considering a new Windows 7 portable rig, their shark line is a must see because they’re very generous with the specs and have distinguished themselves with the curved shark fin design on the left and right sides of the notebooks.

The SF410 retails for PHP 51,900.00.

Guys do me a favor and ENTER THIS CONTEST ALREADY so that I won’t be tempted to keep it for myself.

Contest Time!!

1. By now you already know the drill. You can submit entries from now till 11:59 PM of December 11. I usually announce the winner by the evening of the next day, the 12th.

2. Since Samsung has been around since the time we were kids (and even before!), I’m reminded of a fun game we used to play. Remember how we’d turn names of countries into acronyms and use it to spell out words? For example, take the country of ITALY:


Now it’s your turn. Let’s see how much fun we can have with Samsung! Remember, I’ll be asking help from someone from their team (with me having the final say) so please, nothing vulgar. Have fun! Be creative! Make us laugh!


3. Entries can be in English / Filipino / Taglish. Just like before, you can submit as many entries as you want in the comments but make sure you leave a valid email address.

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Samsung’s CorbyPRO is next year’s must have phone

I think it was LG that started these “messaging phones.” A couple of months ago, they claimed that they were the first to release QWERTY phones for the masses. This was, of course the LG KS360 which debut at a price of P8,xxx.xx. Truth is, it wasn’t a true messaging device, not for the lack of usability mind you, despite their claims to having “threaded messaging” as it didn’t consider that the Philippine market was highly dependent on WiFi.


Months later, today, Samsung announces the CorbyPRO, a definitive sure win come January 2010 when this phone is released. Among the three Corby phones released, Samsung is putting its ace in a cheap pocket with an affordable QWERTY device sporting WiFi. Add HSDPA connectivity and a 3.5mm ear jack and you get ALL the casual features you need to become truly mobile. As a messaging phone, the device allows connections to multiple instant messaging platforms such as Google Talk, AIM and ICQ (who still uses ICQ?). Price: Php 11,990.

• 2.8”QVGA Full touch-screen
• Slide-out QWERTY keypad
• Wi-fi capable
• 3.5mm earphone jack
• 3.2MP camera with 2x zoom
• Bluetooth
• Expandable memory through microSD (up to 16GB)
• HSDPA 7.2mbps technology
• PRICE :Php 11,990
• Available January 2010

If you don’t need WiFi, you can opt for the CorbyPRO’s (B5310) younger sibling, the B3410 for PHP 7,590. It looks the same, but foregoes HSDPA for EDGE and has a smaller 2MP camera.

Rico of Technogra.PH has his own take on the Corby series.

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Chinatown and Quiapo with a Samsung Pixon M8910




Carlos Celdran (@carlosceldran) gave us a walking tour of Chinatown and Quiapo. These shots were taken with a Pixon M8910, Samsung’s latest 12MP cameraphone. From the photos above, all I have to say is that the vignette / rustic modes are the best ever. ‘Nuff said.

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Wii Night with the LG Scarlet


Having scheduled Wii Night, it just so happened that LG lent us their latest LCD TV, the Scarlet. We were supposed to play on my home TV but the delivery was more than welcome. Yay!

Eye popping as it is, the Scarlet boasts to be the thinnest LCD TV (so far!) accentuated by a very nice crimson color on the back. I guess if Samsung brought forth the wine glass design for their flat screens, LG goes in the direction of color. And it’s really nice. I guess this is the type of furniture you’d want to display in the middle of the room rather than pushed to a corner.

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Samsung OMNIA HD Hands On: It’s a Nokia 5800!


Disclaimer: The unit that I procured isn’t a final test unit. Thus there are several software glitches that are being worked through (i.e the browser). To be fair, this review will concentrate more on the look and feel of the device including the integration of S60 as the user interface of choice. But yeah. I can’t help it … Must. Review. Phone.

Here it is. After frolicking with Samsung’s new OMNIA HD, I can summarize the experience in one phrase: the Samsung OMNIA HD is essentially a slightly improved Nokia 5800 XpressMusic phone built within Samsung’s elegant exterior with a bright 3.7 inch screen.