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Geek Orgasm Trifecta: Sandy Bridge. Portal 2. Sixense Motion Sticks

Sandy Bridge. Portal 2. Sixense motion controllers.

Several months ago, a friend showed me some benchmark tests for the new Sandy Bridge video cards. You see, about two years ago, desktops — and even laptops would be equipped with what I would call “poor excuses” for video cards. They sucked. And this would always require card manufacturers like NVIDIA and ATI to sell you a dedicated graphics card. You could get decent ones between PHP 3,000.00 – PHP 6,000.00. Times have changed. Intel’s latest Core processors (they’re really pushing the mid-range Core i5) have video cards that outperform some of today’s current high end GPU’s. In other words, if you buy one of these processors for your new rig, you will need to buy a video card above PHP 10,000.00 else you’ll just have redundant hardware.

In the video above, we have a guy from Sixense playing Portal 2 on a dedicated Core i5 graphics chip. He’s using the new motion sense sticks (basically your PC is now a Wii) to play.

Bottomline: I can finally justify spending for a Core-based processor. It’s like I’m spending for both the processor and the video card.

Portal 2. Awesome.

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HOLIDAY GADGET SWARM WEEK III: Samsung is giving away a SHARK SERIES SF410 gaming notebook

When I asked Samsung if they wanted to sponsor my anniversary, they did so without hesitation. I’d like to thank Juno and Odette for sending us a brand new SHARK SERIES notebook, the SF410. Guys, this portable is kick ass. It runs on an Intel Core i5 processor, 4GB of RAM and a GeForce 310M card. This isn’t just for work — IT’S A DECENT GAMING LAPTOP!

With curves.

Samsung is throwing in so many goodies into their line of portables. If you’re considering a new Windows 7 portable rig, their shark line is a must see because they’re very generous with the specs and have distinguished themselves with the curved shark fin design on the left and right sides of the notebooks.

The SF410 retails for PHP 51,900.00.

Guys do me a favor and ENTER THIS CONTEST ALREADY so that I won’t be tempted to keep it for myself.

Contest Time!!

1. By now you already know the drill. You can submit entries from now till 11:59 PM of December 11. I usually announce the winner by the evening of the next day, the 12th.

2. Since Samsung has been around since the time we were kids (and even before!), I’m reminded of a fun game we used to play. Remember how we’d turn names of countries into acronyms and use it to spell out words? For example, take the country of ITALY:


Now it’s your turn. Let’s see how much fun we can have with Samsung! Remember, I’ll be asking help from someone from their team (with me having the final say) so please, nothing vulgar. Have fun! Be creative! Make us laugh!


3. Entries can be in English / Filipino / Taglish. Just like before, you can submit as many entries as you want in the comments but make sure you leave a valid email address.