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Are items in The Galleon online store more expensive than buying retail?

One of my older posts has been getting a lot of attention lately. Back in July last year, I wrote about The Galleon, a new online store that delivers products very similar to ThinkGeek. It’s been more than a year and today, Galleon carries more products in their online store. There has been criticism, however, as to why Galleon’s pricing is way more expensive compared to local items available. Jeffrey Siy, from Galleon says it himself in one of the comments. I quote him verbatim as he responds to two queries as to why items in the store are more expensive:

@Adrian If you see a price here that is cheaper we suggest you go for that. We try to lower down the prices as much as possible but some are still able to provide a lower price for several reasons.

@Andy The reason it’s expensive is because it’s bulky to ship. Again, if it’s available here, you should buy it here. We specialize on items not available in the Philippines


So there you have it. As I said before, the Galleon is an online store that can bring in items that you may want from sites such as ThinkGeek that doesn’t have deliver to the Philippines. They’re useful for that sort of thing so don’t use them to buy items that you can easily source locally. Remember, Galleon specializes in products you can’t find. So if you can already find them, then …. you found them. LOL.

Company Details:

The Galleon
UG09 Globe Telecom Plaza
Mandaluyong ,Metro Manila
Philippines 1552
Office 6214482 | 4250153
Globe 09054188697
Smart 09186364116
Sun 09236058066
Office Hours Monday to Friday – 9am to 12mn Saturday & Sunday – 8am- 5pm
support at

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Bogart the Explorer Harlem Shake vid shot in our office

Bogart the Explorer and his team came by the office yesterday and shot their version of Harlem Shake. It’s actually one of the better iterations. The ID8 game room has table tennis, a XBOX + Kinect system and a foosball / mini billiards setup.

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Hello there. Are you looking for work?

Hello there. Are you looking for work? Are you looking forward to a career in a not-so-BPO setting?

Do you want to have a commanding view of the entire Fort Global City while you plot for world domination?

Do you want to work in an office that only uses Mac OS?

Do you want a competitive salary that’s higher than your typical BPO?

Also, do you want lampshades that look like dangling balls?

If so, why not check TxVia at the Fort Global City!

TxVia is a global company specializing in providing platforms for payment gateways. If, say, WordPress, Blogspot or Tumblr are platforms for sharing thoughts and photos, TxVia builds platforms for prepaid card systems for Visa, Mastercard and the like. The work is actually pretty interesting. Since they’re relatively new in the Philippines, it will be easy to forge a career path with them whether you’re from the BPO industry or a financial analyst.

They need everyone. BUT, If you’re a developer, they are actually looking for FRESH java developers who can be trained to use their proprietary language after 3 weeks of training.

You can leave your resume at:

Picadilly Star Building
Bonifacio Global City

or email them at:

[email protected]