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An Interview with Paul Rivera, Founder & CEO of Kalibrr


The local startup scene has been shaking lately with the arrival of Kalibrr. Founded by Paul Rivera, Kalibrr aims develop the skills of call center applicants even BEFORE they apply for a job. Now that’s a true incubator. I’ve had the chance to interview the folks and find out more about this amazing startup. Here is a full list of their awesome team.

Kalibrr Founder and CEO Paul Rivera witnessed the Philippines’ skills gap firsthand at a BPO company he founded here in 2007. Prior to this,He found that while there are literally thousands of BPO jobs available in the country, many educated Filipinos still do not qualify for them because they lack the necessary skills for the job. He saw Kalibrr as an opportunity to not just close this skills gap, but to also provide thousands of Filipinos the means to go after a job that will allow them to change their future.

On another note, if you’ve been very curious about the BPO industry but don’t know what to expect, this recruiting service will very well help you out.

Kalibrr was founded in January 2012.

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Hello there. Are you looking for work?

Hello there. Are you looking for work? Are you looking forward to a career in a not-so-BPO setting?

Do you want to have a commanding view of the entire Fort Global City while you plot for world domination?

Do you want to work in an office that only uses Mac OS?

Do you want a competitive salary that’s higher than your typical BPO?

Also, do you want lampshades that look like dangling balls?

If so, why not check TxVia at the Fort Global City!

TxVia is a global company specializing in providing platforms for payment gateways. If, say, WordPress, Blogspot or Tumblr are platforms for sharing thoughts and photos, TxVia builds platforms for prepaid card systems for Visa, Mastercard and the like. The work is actually pretty interesting. Since they’re relatively new in the Philippines, it will be easy to forge a career path with them whether you’re from the BPO industry or a financial analyst.

They need everyone. BUT, If you’re a developer, they are actually looking for FRESH java developers who can be trained to use their proprietary language after 3 weeks of training.

You can leave your resume at:

Picadilly Star Building
Bonifacio Global City

or email them at:

[email protected]