It’s out! Download and back up your Multiply account. Do it now before December 1 2012!

OK folks. This is what you’ve been waiting for. Head honcho Jack Madrid has released the exporter / download / backup tool for your Multiply account. Everyone has been waiting for this since their announcement to go full speed e-commerce.

Using the export tool:

Visit your Multiply page (example:
Click one of the options available on your Multiply page (below your headshot):
Download Media: to download all media files
Export to Blogger: to transfer your blogs to your Blogger page
Choose file you would like to download
You will receive an email (via the email address registered to your Multiply account) containing a link to download all your Multiply files along with instructions on how to import them to Blogger.

Note that this tool will only be available till December 1 2012.

This tool does require some manual know how. After clicking on DOWNLOAD MEDIA, you will be led to a page that contains all your photos (sorry but you won’t be able to back up your blog posts and video). These tools will only work for Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.

Obtain the Download Master chrome extension.
Point your browser to this page
Click the download master button from in the top right of your browser and select ‘All’
Click download, sit back and relax

Obtain the DownThemAll! firefox plugin
Point your browser to this page
Right click anywhere on this page and select DownThemAll!
Select the items you would like to download (All by default) and click “Start!”

Remember, you only have till December 1 2012! Do it now!

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Facebook bans Filipino for using his real name

UPDATE: Yay, his account has been re-activated!

So my friend got banned from Facebook. The reason? Because Facebook thinks that my friend’s first and last name on his profile isn’t his real name. So one morning he logs into his profile page only to discover that his account has been locked. I can’t even find him in my friends list and all the tags on the photos we took have disappeared as well.

Naturally, he did what any good Internet citizen should do and appealed through the support email. There is a support email — [email protected]. And, this is what he sent:

MicroMinds: Miniature gifts for your geeky significant other (or for yourself!)

Nikon D40x

How small the world is. Mia, one of my friends from college sent me a link to MicroMinds by Jaycie and Honey. If you’re at a loss for a gift to give your geeky friend, then look no more.

These miniatures merge the very best between geekiness and fashion accessories. The necklaces are around P550.00 each (1 inch) and the keepsakes are about P1,200.00 each (1.5 to 2 inches in size) with an acrylic case. It would be best to PM them for updated pricing because they can customize orders for you.

Enough with the words. These miniatures will speak for themselves.