Apple releases new MacBooks: Complete Redesign, Fully Customizable

This definitely proves my point. Apple watchers have been keen on a rumor of upgraded MacBooks coming soon. The current design is being phased out in favor for lighter and more earth-friendly materials because of the ongoing green campaign in the USA.

I was able to snap a photo of a leaked unit inside one of the confines of a local dealer. Photos after the jump:

MicroMinds: Miniature gifts for your geeky significant other (or for yourself!)

Nikon D40x

How small the world is. Mia, one of my friends from college sent me a link to MicroMinds by Jaycie and Honey. If you’re at a loss for a gift to give your geeky friend, then look no more.

These miniatures merge the very best between geekiness and fashion accessories. The necklaces are around P550.00 each (1 inch) and the keepsakes are about P1,200.00 each (1.5 to 2 inches in size) with an acrylic case. It would be best to PM them for updated pricing because they can customize orders for you.

Enough with the words. These miniatures will speak for themselves.