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The good old days of MPH TV


Not a lot of you may know this but MPH, the magazine that is now known as Mobile Philippines used to have a television show many many months ago. We had a couple of episodes that were produced by Poch, Ideal Minds and the staff of Hinge Media Inc (now known as Hinge-Inquirer Publications). We went off the air after a few episodes because we needed to find a better time slot. The show aired (let’s see if I remember this right) on channel 5 at 1PM every Saturday. This was a little scary too, since that time slot was dominated by the variety shows.


In any case, the show was hosted by the trio composed of Jaymee Joaquin, Franco Mabanta and Paolo Soler. There were times when some of the editors would guest appear to talk about some of the latest gadgets out in the market and we would do this in Digital Walker in Parksquare 1.


So, for your enjoyment, the staff of Mobile Philippines has uploaded the first three episodes of MPH TV. Download and enjoy!

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PC Magazine is the #1 Tech Mag in the Philippines


Hinge-Inquirer Publications has just posted a press release on the recent Synovate Consumer Survey for the months of June to August 2006.

Here is a snippet of the PR:

According to the Synovate survey PC Magazine Philippines reaches 157,703 readers, making it number one in the technology category. Following closely in second place is the three-issue-old Game! Magazine, the Philippines’ first online gaming magazine, with 148,873 readers. Both titles are published by Hinge Inquirer Publications (HIP), an Inquirer Group company.

The local version of PC Magazine is the recognized bible and reference publication of the computer industry here and abroad. PC Magazine Philippines incorporates the latest and most locally relevant material from its foreign counterparts, but also focuses on subject matter made by and for the Filipino PC aficionado, a combination appreciated by its readers, according to the Synovate results. Game!, on the other hand, focuses on the fastest-growing tech lifestyle category today – online gaming, particularly on locally available games. (source)

Okay, just to disclose, I have been a contributor for PC Magazine Philippines and I also do miscellaneous editorial work for GAME! Magazine. It is rewarding to belong to a technology editorial team where all three titles made it to the TOP 10.

I mentioned three magazines right? What’s the third, then? Well, Mobile Philippines of course, that ranked number 10 in the top tech magazines for the said period of June – August 2006. This is also considering that this was the time when the magazine had undergone a transition in title from “MPH” to “Mobile Philippines.”

Now how about that … 🙂

Anne Curtis up front and center

anne curtis.jpg

I write for a magazine called Mobile Philippines, formerly known as m|PH. I’ve been doing so for the past three years. On the cover of our nth issue (I’ve actually lost count) is Anne Curtis, who is in my humble opinion the most gorgeous cover girl we’ve had so far.

For posterity’s sake:

anne curtis and jayvee fernandez.JPG

What’s gorgeous for me? Well, its the type of beauty that’s stunning and at the same time the type that you can take home to your mom.

Expect the issue to be out next week. Ever since Steve Jobs announced products six months early, it has now officially been deemed cool to pre-announce stuff.

Mobile Philippines August 2006 with Bubbles Paraiso

mph august cover_1 (Custom).jpg

Yay, it’s out! Check out our website for more details.

Gracing the cover of Mobile Philippines is fast rising show host and model Bubbles Paraiso. We take a look inside her not-so-hidden geek tendencies and what its like to be the only girl among the male hosts of It’s a Guy Thing.

On the gadget end, the editors and writers have hands on reviews of the Nokia N91 and Sony Ericsson W900i phones. Other hot devices reviewed are the Creative Zen Vision:M, iRiver U10, the Apple MacBook, Nintendo DS Lite, Jabra BT 330 headset, the Olympus mju 720 digital camera and many more!

For this issue, Mobile Philippines also has a feature on Mobile Security, wireless presentation techniques and a look into the gadget bag of’s editor in Chief, JV Rufino.

Mobile Philippines is the country’s authority on portable technology. it is available for only P80.00 in your nearest newsstand.

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Bubbles Paraiso

bubbles and jayvee.jpg

Today we shot the cover for the next ish of Mobile Philippines. On the cover is Bubbles Paraiso.

What makes this particular shoot a little special for me is that Bubbles used to be my student when I taught NSTP for one semester back in UA&P.

Here’s a little teacher-student moment behind the scenes.

The finished product can be viewed over here. MPH, now known as Mobile Philippines is part of the Top 10 Technology Magazines in the Philippines according to a recent Synovate Survey.