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Video Tutorial II: “The Greatest Thing”

It’s been a while since my last video tutorial — this next one I promise will not fail to isolate. In fact, this may probably have the biggest impact to your career especially if you are in the IT, new media, or communications sector. Very multi-sectoral and so useful!

The video tutorial can be viewed here (pardon me but for some reason I’ve been having problems with embedding the video).


Apple releases new MacBooks: Complete Redesign, Fully Customizable

This definitely proves my point. Apple watchers have been keen on a rumor of upgraded MacBooks coming soon. The current design is being phased out in favor for lighter and more earth-friendly materials because of the ongoing green campaign in the USA.

I was able to snap a photo of a leaked unit inside one of the confines of a local dealer. Photos after the jump:

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Going Threadless, Not Shirtless

After a failed delivery attempt last January, my shipment of Threadless tees arrived with take two. Threadless was introduced to me by SPIT Founder and ‘ol friend Gabe Mercado after he showed me a shirt he was wearing at our usual hang out at mag:net BHS. The shirt was titled Marshmallow Factory and showed a unicorn in the clouds crapping marshmallows to the happy beings below as they screamed “Marshmallows!!!” The five works below are designs I got with respective titles and links.

Dinosaur Comics: Being and Metaphysics

Dinosaur Comics

Dinosaur Comics 2

Bored as I was three years ago, I had been a contributor to Dinosaur Comics, an excellent web comic with a huge twist. Unlike other comics, Dinosaur Comics uses a static series of panel art throughout its three and so years of existence. I remember how one person compared DC to the formula behind poetry where given a set of rules (i.e. iambic pentameter) is used as a premise to create wonderful literature and it is by trying to push those rules to the limit where one becomes master.

The two comics above are the ones I submitted to his site. You can view bigger versions of the first and second one. It is my short lesson on Metaphysics and the Types of Being.

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Broadway-oke Night: Release your inner Jean Valjean :)

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So Rockeoke and Popeoke Nights featured a live band. With Broadway-oke, there will be a live pianist on stage! Gabe says the pianist can sight read so you can even bring your own sound of sheet music.

When: March 18, 2008 at 10:00pm
Where: mag:net Bonifacio High Street

Bring your friends! Entrance is free after 10 PM (SPIT is performing before this so if you want a full night, do come at 8:30 PM. Tickets for SPIT are at P200.00 but Broadway-oke is free). For more details, check out Broadway-oke’s Facebook event page.