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Angkor Wat, Cambodia Take Two! (Vietnam Included in set!)

angkor wat sunrise

Last year I posted something (wait let me find it …. here it is!) about wanting to go to Cambodia with friends who could make time out for a few days to see Angkor Wat, shoot it, and go home. Despite my being out of Manila for several times last year, I wasn’t able to do this with friends.

So it’s take two this year! We’re leaving on the 26th of February and will be gone for around a week. Destinations include Vietnam and Cambodia for finally – a vacation trip I’l be going with Phoebe’s family and two other friends.

This is our first time to these places and Lonely Planet advises to not stray away too far or else encounter active land mines. The objective really is to … eat! We’ve been checking out some Vietnam food blogs with some good suggestions but we’re most likely to stay in the Ho Chi Minh area.

Angkor Wat

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated — and by the time we get back, I hope to take down that stock photo of Angkor and post something more personal. Photos updated and uploaded. Shooting Angkor Wat is now a dream realized! Second photo is c/o Phoebe.

By Jayvee Fernandez

Jayvee Fernandez is a tech enthusiast and sitting Techbology Editor for The Philippine STAR.

He is also an EAN certified SCUBA Diver and underwater photographer based in Metro Manila, Philippines. His photos and videos have appeared in various international and local publications including Random House Germany, Discovery Channel Canada, and CNN.

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Why not goto China or Japan? They got good technology…. That would be a cool place to go…

Small local restaurants are always the best places to go for Vietnamese and Khmer cuisines… mura na, masarap pa. Enjoy your trip to HCM and Siem Reap. And if you drop by Phnom Penh, there’s a wide selection of restaurants guaranteed to satisfy your palate 😀

When you get to Vietnam, I would recommend a trip to Cuchi Tunnels in Cu Chi near Ho Chi Minh.

Makikita mo do’n kung paano tinalo ng isang maliit na bansa ang isang superpower. Just be ready for the part where your tour guide tells you that the Americans trained Filipino operatives to get into the tunnels hehe.

There are many tour companies in Vietnam that can take you there at a good price. Don’t book anything outside Vietnam. It’s cheaper to make bookings when you get to Saigon.

Kung sakali namang magawi kayo sa Hanoi, let me know. Dito kasi ako nagtatrabaho e. I’d be more than happy to help you enjoy Hanoi. Medyo malamig nga lang ngayon dito. Winter daw e hehe.


Jayvee: Advisable depends on the level of risk you feel like taking. hehe. I think maybe you and phoebe would enjoy it but maybe her family might not. I’ve never been, but I’m guessing rural vietnam and cambodia are very much like rural philippines, so that should give you a good idea of what a bus ride there will be like.

Lester: Hey my girlfriend and I are going to Hanoi in April! Perhaps we can meet up or something? We’ll be there mid-April. 🙂

Their an excellent soft shell crabhouse in HCMC at Thuy 97 it s local secret and you wont find in any lonely plant guide book the restaurant I have eaten.

You take a bus from HCMC to Phnom Penh then spend a night there then take another bus going to Siem Reap . In fact from Siem Reap you can take a bus all the way to Bangkok. The Bus is very good option it safe enough. The best bus is located at Sinhcafe

Enjoy email me if you need more info

Hi Jayvee,
Found your blog through our mutual friend, Monica O. Poliquit 🙂

I stayed in Ho Chi Minh for a month back in 2002 and loooved it. Everywhere you turn there’s awesome pictures to take. We met befriended some really awesome kids (street kids from Cambodia) that were maltreated and unwanted by the Vietnamese store owners.

I actually don’t remember the name of the restaurant but its right in the heart of downtown.. BEST pancakes ever! They make it like crepes (French influence). I had banana pancakes and lime pancakes everyday.

Another must is vietnamese coffee!! so good! We have a friend that has a coffee shop– I’ll email you the name of the coffee shop later.

Sorry I can’t be more specific with names of streets, I’ll get back to you on more specifics.


@sarah: hello! we’re actually staying in district one, near the “temple bar” 🙂

we’ve been trying to scour the area for places to eat. had very good phoa 24 for lunch 🙂


Sabihan mo lang ako kung kailan ang punta niyo dito. Sana medyo mainit na pagdating ng April. Ngayon kasi medyo malamig-lamig pa nang konti e.

Dalawin natin yung mga bia hoi (beer garden) nila dito. Only for cultural reasons, of course. Also, I would recommend Halong Bay for you and your girlfriend. I can help you get reservations if you like. I think it’s about $50 per head (inclusive of boat lodging, transfers to and from hanoi, and three meals).

Pumunta ba kayo sa CuChi tunnels sa Saigon?

Happy trip!


Hi! I’ll be also travelling from Ho Chi Minh to Phnom Penh. Anong bus sinakyan nyo? Ok naman ba ung bus? 🙂

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