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New iMacs, iWork ’08, iLife ’08, new .mac features … and a geek orgasm


Today, Apple officially launches the new set of iMacs, iWork ’08, iLife ’08 and the new .Mac features. The Philippines is the first stop for Apple Asia tour, as sales in the PH market for Apple products has been very satisfying for Apple. The sales are so good, that the reps from Apple Singapore went to launch the new applications and hardware in the Philippines FIRST even before their own local Singapore launch.



Here are some pointers from the presentation for the new iMacs:

  • new iMacs come in one solid aluminum body with only one screw used to replace RAM
  • the microphone is placed on top of the iMac; you will notice, if you squint, laser cut holes that are almost invisible to the naked eye — that’s the microphone
  • the black border’s purpose is to make the iMac’s screen look like it’s floating, to hide the iSight, and to give a frame to the unit
  • the new 24 inch iMac is cheaper than its predecessor by P20,000.00
  • the old 17 inch model has been replaced with the 20 inch model at the same price of P67,xxx.00
  • the keyboard is wicked
  • the wireless keyboard option is much smaller – it removes the numeric keypad
  • all new iMacs come with iLife ’08; if you bought your Mac after August 7 2007 (USA time) and it didn’t come with iLife ’08, you can request one by downloading a form from Apple
  • Here are some shots of the new iMac and some slides from the presentation.

    Bye bye 17 inch iMac!


    The ultra thin keyboard. Thanks to Terrie Gutierrez for holding the pen and the keyboard for demo purposes. 🙂






    The iSight is almost invisible with the new black border. You can see it here highlighted because of the camera flash:


    The elegant glass finish of the new iMacs:


    If you’ve been waiting for a decent iMac, I would suggest getting this generation now as the price vis-a-vis screen size offerings have finally matured. You can opt to wait for October for the Leopard launch but if you need a new Mac now, then go ahead!

    Here’s a final note … can you find the laser cut holes that house the microphone in the picture below?


    By Jayvee Fernandez

    Jayvee Fernandez is a tech enthusiast and sitting Techbology Editor for The Philippine STAR.

    He is also an EAN certified SCUBA Diver and underwater photographer based in Metro Manila, Philippines. His photos and videos have appeared in various international and local publications including Random House Germany, Discovery Channel Canada, and CNN.

    10 replies on “New iMacs, iWork ’08, iLife ’08, new .mac features … and a geek orgasm”

    does this mean that the new imacs are now available here in the country?

    does anyone know if those keyboards are now available? if so, where? thanks

    I’ve read about iMac’s Specs, I am really interested to have it, Thank God i have this opportunity, where can i buy it in Manila?

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