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NEXT-GEN Tubbataha Ranger Station currently being funded for construction

tubbataha ranger station

From the Facebook page of WWF CEO Lory Tan:

WWF Philippines has launched a capital campaign to raise P40M in order to build a new Tubbataha Ranger Station. They do so much for us. The least we can do is to give them the best facilities we can offer to help them do their job. Lafarge Philippines has committed to supply all the cement needed for this laudable, all-Filipino project.

One of the highlights of the Tubbataha Reef 25th Anniversary celebration was the unveiling of a 100% Filipino funded project, which was the construction of a “real deal” Ranger Station that would have proper capabilities to deal with imminent threats (such as another ‘Guardian’ incident that occurred just this week by a Chinese fishing vessel).

As you can see, the new Ranger Station spells ‘gwapo’ futuristic utilizing solar panels and modern day equipment + countermeasures to deal with illegal poaching of our marine life.

If you are interested to participate in the fundraising, check out

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The World is Just Awesome (Boom De Yada) done WWF Philippines style

Thanks to Joanne Ignacio of WWF Philippines for sending me the raw file on Facebook. Hamilo Coast in Nasugbu, Batangas is one of the areas heavily tended by WWF Philippines for conservation projects. I had joined the WWF team before for a giant clam seeding SCUBA run in December 2009 and a crown of thorns extraction / cleanup in Hamilo in May of last year. WWF Philippines is composed of a brilliant team of visionaries. . 🙂

Add WWF Philippines on Facebook for several projects you may want to be involved in.

Original text from Facebook:

Chances are, you’ve already seen Discovery Channel’s “The World is Just Awesome” station ID – the one with the catchy “boom de yada” lyrics. Yes, this is the one where their hosts as well as people from different walks of life proclaim why they love the world. And, chances are, the song probably stuck around as your “Last Song Syndrome” for a couple of days.

This year, Discovery Channel is airing a different version of their popular “The World Is Just Awesome” station ID – WWF-Philippines style! Of course, our National Ambassadors Marc Nelson and Rovilson Fernandez and even staff from WWF and Hamilo got in on the action!

Thank you Discovery Channel Philippines and Hamilo Coast for helping us make this happen!

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Time is money, so it might be something worth donating!

What’s worth more? Time or money? There are tens of thousands of WWF Philippines donors who, due to the rigors of the daily grind cannot find the time to volunteer their time. Instead, they donate money. This is great!

As a donor, my monthly financial contribution isn’t much but to make up for this, I started donating my time. OK fine, it’s an excuse to dive, but it is still volunteer work, nonetheless. Last year I helped in the clam seeding project with Anvaya Cove. Last month I participated in a media tour for Cebu Pacific’s ‘Bright Skies Program’ and documented Apo Reef. Tomorrow I pack my gear again to document the Crown of Thorns harvest at Pico de Loro, in Hamilo. The raw footage I take from my dives are all donated to the WWF marketing office, which they can use for presentations and for coral and fish identification. The latter also gave me the idea to upload raw footage of reef fish, turtles, eels, pelagics and more on YouTube — labeling them with the scientific name, description and short factoids, while tagging them with the names of the dive sites in the Philippines. It’s a great way to promote the local dive industry.

I dropped by the WWF Philippines office last week and lately, they’ve been trying to push for more donor volunteers for upcoming projects. It would be really great if all the thousands of donors all get to meet up and network. I don’t exactly know how, but the team did tell me that they have exciting things in store.

If you don’t know where to start, I’d recommend the WWF Philippines Facebook Page. Click on “Like” and join the tree hugging!

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For PHP 67,000 you can own a nice, eco-friendly Electric Scooter (e-bikes)

Gas and electricity has been insane lately. You might want to check this out.

Here’s the caption from Lory Tan’s (WWF Philippines) Facebook page:

Electric Motorcycles, now for sale in Puerto Princesa. P67,000 each. Imported parts, locally assembled. Range 60 KM. I rode one. Great. The in-wheel motor on the rear wheel. The 4 batteries are under the handlebars. Silent. Good torque. I want one! Someone should set up a rent-a-motorcycle business in PPC for tourists, using electric scooters like this.

These e-bikes are good for paved roads, not dirt roads. But no heat, no noise. The perfect stealth vehicle.

In the same light, I also found out that sustainable energy providers have been rolling out hybrid Solar-Wind generators for only PHP 100,000.00. A single unit can power a 20 sq meter room with airconditioning 24/7. I say ONLY because you can easily recover from a 100k electricity expenditure in less than two years.