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For PHP 67,000 you can own a nice, eco-friendly Electric Scooter (e-bikes)

Gas and electricity has been insane lately. You might want to check this out.

Here’s the caption from Lory Tan’s (WWF Philippines) Facebook page:

Electric Motorcycles, now for sale in Puerto Princesa. P67,000 each. Imported parts, locally assembled. Range 60 KM. I rode one. Great. The in-wheel motor on the rear wheel. The 4 batteries are under the handlebars. Silent. Good torque. I want one! Someone should set up a rent-a-motorcycle business in PPC for tourists, using electric scooters like this.

These e-bikes are good for paved roads, not dirt roads. But no heat, no noise. The perfect stealth vehicle.

In the same light, I also found out that sustainable energy providers have been rolling out hybrid Solar-Wind generators for only PHP 100,000.00. A single unit can power a 20 sq meter room with airconditioning 24/7. I say ONLY because you can easily recover from a 100k electricity expenditure in less than two years.