Shell partners with LEGO with new Ferrari collection

Is this for real? Has anyone seen these being sold in Shell stations? Apparently Shell has partnered with LEGO for the next series of Ferrari car collectibles. I usually ignore promos like this but the fact that this edition is made by LEGO brings forth a whole new level of geek-awesome.

The link is from a .PH Shell website so it must be true. It must be (!!!)

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Sony shows off country’s first 84-inch 4K TV; sells for PHP 1.2 Million

You need to see it to believe it folks. Yesterday, Sony Philippines pulled out a number of wildcards from Japan. Apart from featuring the new VAIO Duo 11 and VAIO Tap 20 both running on Windows 8, they were also the first to showcase an 84-inch 4K television which will be made available to the (opulent) public for the holidays. The XBR-84X900 is a wonder that goes (waaaay!) over and beyond the “traditional” 1080p resolution. This 4k TV comes with a resolution of 3840 x 2160 and if those numbers mean nothing to you, it simply means that if you’re watching great blu-ray movies on your 40″ or 60″ LED TV, imagine even better “pop out” quality on a bigger 84-incher.