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Wikipedia image of Ganondorf, the last boss in Ocarina of Time, 1998

I must admit that the partial reason why I bought a Wii was to play The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. It has been almost ten years since I last played a Zelda game, and if you got the time line right, 1998 was the year when The Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time was released for the Nintendo 64. I didn’t own the popular 64-bit console at that time so a friend gladly lent me his just so that I could finish this installment of Zelda.

A bit on the video game history — The Ocarina of Time has been declared as one of the best video games ever made thus far:

Mostly Everything

Coming Soon: Yoga on the Nintendo Wii


Been reading a lot about the upcoming peripherals for the Wii. One such interesting product is the Wii Fit peripheral that converts your Nintendo Wii into a personal trainer. Gamespot reports:

As we saw with the Reggie, you can’t play Wii Fit without first letting the game calculate your BMI. This figure is apparently a realistic indication of fitness based on height, weight, and age. Once the game has this information, it can set goals to help you lose or gain weight and reach your optimum BMI level. [SOURCE]

The Wii Fit will be available in the US come early 2008 but will debut in Japan sometime late this year. I guess if you’re a couch potato gamer and want to really work those flabs, Wii Fit might be a good way to reach a compromise. The game also comes with some yoga exercises:


As well as “games,” the early demo build of Wii Fit includes some yoga and balance exercises. On the yoga side, you need to adopt poses such as the half moon pose, the tree pose, the single-leg stretch, and the sideways twist. The idea is to adopt the postures for as long as possible, stretching more and more as you progress. When you’re finished, you can see how well you stayed within the optimum zones with a line diagram that shows how much you shook and stayed within the parameters. On the balance front, there are two-legged and one-legged exercises, as well as an overall body test; but our limited time in the Nintendo booth prevented us from checking these out.

Hmmm, something Jane would like perhaps? I’m quite impressed with how the Wii has changed the way we play games. I’ve reorganized my room just to allow a wider space for me to play Wii Sports (I have a mean backswing!!). Next goal is a bigger television.

Wii Fit images courtesy of Gamespot