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Sony Handycam HDR-GWP88 is waterproof with built-in projector; SRP PHP 35,000


I must admit that video recorders haven’t been on my radar for so long. Considering my earliest childhood memory of being enthralled with gadgets involved a video recorder (my dad was recording me while I kept on asking how it was possible “to watch yourself in the past”), the handy cam became obsolescent when almost all forms of consumer tech (i.e. webcams, mobile phones, compact and DSLR cameras) could record video.

But alas.


BRAVEN BRV-1 weatherproof wireless speakers + charger goes for PHP 7,450.00


BRAVEN. I love this word. This is because it sounds like one of my favorite descriptors in the English language — the adjective ‘brazen’ which meant ‘without fear or shame.’ And perhaps this descriptor is apt as a brand name for hands down, the most impressive rugged portable speaker system I have encountered.

Many brands take portability to the next level by displaying a line of speakers that’s centered more on portability than function and with this norm dominating the ‘casual’ speaker scene, this is something completely different. The BRAVEN’s BRV-1 is king of the hill of portable speakers: rugged, light, wireless, splash-proof and wow, the sound (WOW!). I was completely blown away when I first turned it on in my living room: 6 watts of booming audio filled the space. None of that rickety audio that seems like it’s coming out of a tin can: Full bass, full mids and great highs. The BRV-1 is about the size of a DSLR (body only) giving it enough oomph for the bass to tremble.