BRAVEN BRV-1 weatherproof wireless speakers + charger goes for PHP 7,450.00


BRAVEN. I love this word. This is because it sounds like one of my favorite descriptors in the English language — the adjective ‘brazen’ which meant ‘without fear or shame.’ And perhaps this descriptor is apt as a brand name for hands down, the most impressive rugged portable speaker system I have encountered.

Many brands take portability to the next level by displaying a line of speakers that’s centered more on portability than function and with this norm dominating the ‘casual’ speaker scene, this is something completely different. The BRAVEN’s BRV-1 is king of the hill of portable speakers: rugged, light, wireless, splash-proof and wow, the sound (WOW!). I was completely blown away when I first turned it on in my living room: 6 watts of booming audio filled the space. None of that rickety audio that seems like it’s coming out of a tin can: Full bass, full mids and great highs. The BRV-1 is about the size of a DSLR (body only) giving it enough oomph for the bass to tremble.


The BRV-1 is ultimately a speaker system armored in a splash-proof rubber case. It’s slip proof, so you can’t just drag it across the table. If you place this beside a swimming pool, the case will absorb splash damage (lol!). Note however that the BRV-1 is NOT WATER PROOF so don’t expect this to survive if you dump it in water.


The BRV-1 wireless speaker system has four buttons that run beneath the weather-proof housing. These are marked as the power, BT pairing, and volume controls. Since it is also a wireless speaker, the system can remember up to 8 Bluetooth devices including computers and smart phones.


The BRV-1 panel is protected beneath an airtight resealable cap. Housed here are the battery indicator, 3.5mm audio dock, USB charging dock and micro USB charger. Yes folks, not only is the BRAVEN BRV-1 a portable speaker, it’s also a portable charger for USB compatible devices as well! Battery life is pegged at 10 hours of continuous play sans using it as a charger.



If you are a water baby, look no further. The BRV-1 is your definite choice for weatherproofing your audio experience. Since it can stream music via Bluetooth, you can keep your phone in a more secure location (or use a weather proof case such as the Otterbox armor case for iPhone 5). If you’re not much into travel but are still looking for a portable speaker solution which you can bring around (especially to work-related presentations), the BRV-1 is a definite head turner. It’s crisp audio fills the room and does justice to whatever high quality video you’re playing on your computer or TV screen.

The BRAVEN BRV-1 (and other BRAVEN products) is available at Beyond the Box. The BRV-1 costs PHP 7,450.00. Look no further to find the best wireless Bluetooth speakers!

By Jayvee Fernandez

Jayvee Fernandez is a tech enthusiast, EAN certified SCUBA Diver and underwater photographer based in Metro Manila, Philippines. His photos and videos have appeared in various international and local publications including Random House Germany, Discovery Channel Canada, and CNN.

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