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For Sale: Complete S90 Compact Setup for Underwater Photography

My dive buddy is selling his awesome compact UW photography setup including two Canon S90 units (dive with a spare!). This is a really good underwater setup. This set is in very good working condition. The reason for sale is he is upgrading to DSLR.

Items are as follows:

FIX S90 Housing with AD Adapter (P38,000 New) P25,000
Canon S90 Camera 2 units (P34,000 New) P25,000
INON S2000 Strobes 2 units (P42,000 New) P32,000
INON Optical Cables 2 units (P5,000 New) P3,500
INON LE550W Focus/Video Light with Shoe Mount (10,000 New) P7,000
INON UFL165AD Fisheye Lens (P19,000 New) P13,000
INON UCL 165AD Macro Lens 2 units (P15,000 New) P9,500
INON UFL M150-ZM80 Micro Fisheye Lens (P14,000 New) P9,500
INON AD Double Lens Holder (P4,000 New) P2,500
ULTRALIGHT 8 inch Ball Arms 2 units (P3,000 New) P2,000
ULTRALIGHT Clamps 2 units (P3,500 New) P2,000
ULTRALIGHT TRDM Tray (P4,000 New) P3,000
ULTRALIGHT Tray Extender (P3,000 New) P2,000
ULTRALIGHT Ball Handle 2 units (P4,000 New) P3,000
ULTRALIGHT Inon Strobe Adapters 2 units (P4,000 New) P3,000
SOLA Flex Arm w/ Magnifier (P3,000 New) P2,000

Complete Set at P144,000 as shown in photo excluding the Float Arms and 4 sets of Clamps

You can email stephen.ozziworld (at) gmail (dot) com