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For Sale: Complete S90 Compact Setup for Underwater Photography

My dive buddy is selling his awesome compact UW photography setup including two Canon S90 units (dive with a spare!). This is a really good underwater setup. This set is in very good working condition. The reason for sale is he is upgrading to DSLR.

Items are as follows:

FIX S90 Housing with AD Adapter (P38,000 New) P25,000
Canon S90 Camera 2 units (P34,000 New) P25,000
INON S2000 Strobes 2 units (P42,000 New) P32,000
INON Optical Cables 2 units (P5,000 New) P3,500
INON LE550W Focus/Video Light with Shoe Mount (10,000 New) P7,000
INON UFL165AD Fisheye Lens (P19,000 New) P13,000
INON UCL 165AD Macro Lens 2 units (P15,000 New) P9,500
INON UFL M150-ZM80 Micro Fisheye Lens (P14,000 New) P9,500
INON AD Double Lens Holder (P4,000 New) P2,500
ULTRALIGHT 8 inch Ball Arms 2 units (P3,000 New) P2,000
ULTRALIGHT Clamps 2 units (P3,500 New) P2,000
ULTRALIGHT TRDM Tray (P4,000 New) P3,000
ULTRALIGHT Tray Extender (P3,000 New) P2,000
ULTRALIGHT Ball Handle 2 units (P4,000 New) P3,000
ULTRALIGHT Inon Strobe Adapters 2 units (P4,000 New) P3,000
SOLA Flex Arm w/ Magnifier (P3,000 New) P2,000

Complete Set at P144,000 as shown in photo excluding the Float Arms and 4 sets of Clamps

You can email stephen.ozziworld (at) gmail (dot) com

Mostly Everything

Lenovo A335: Dual SIM, Custom Background Sounds for PHP 2,490.00

Let’s go on low gear for a bit and talk about feature phones. The Lenovo A335 is a feature phone (OMG it’s not a smartphone!) that carries dual SIM features, camera, MP3 player and a 1700mAh battery that will last you more than 2 days.

But its best feature is the customized ambient sounds that is built into the phone. When you’re talking to someone, you can .. well.. fabricate your whereabouts. From being in transit on the MRT to being on a bike or a restaurant. And you can even add your own. Like .. if you’re talking to your loved one, have the sound of wedding bells in the background! O diba!