Finally, my Alma Mater (UA&P) has an Alumni Card!!

I swear I could hear Ode to Joy playing in the background when Joel Parcon sent this announcement to our alumni group. Oh, and it’s a discount card as well. Sorry if this is such a trifling matter to the more “established” colleges. I graduated from a fairly young university so this means a lot to us alumni.

I’m reposting it here for blockmates and orgmates who read this humble blog of mine. The best perk is actually not being harassed by the front gate guard who insist you show ID:

Applied Learnings from Metaphysics



OK so I cheated. This is actually a repost of something I did about a year ago for Qwantz. I was so engrossed in it, that I submitted two panels to Ryan. This is what you get when you graduate from two years worth of Metaphysics classes from PAREF Southridge School for Boys and the University of Asia and the Pacific.

In these two panels, I explain the “act of being.”

Click on the images to view the full size so you can read the text better.

Mostly Everything

Twenty One Plates by Tinette Villanueva-Miciano


Editor’s Note: Oh no, I’m being sucked in further into writing about gastronomy … O tempora! O mores!

Tinette Villanueva (now Miciano) was a former professor from college, and like most teacher-student relationships in UA&P, we (students + young faculty) all pretty much became a close knit group outside of class. Add the fact that Tinette was moderator for the theater org — AND it was also known fact that she cooked very well. She used to bring batches of her sun dried tomato pasta to our strat plan meetings — and now the updated version of her recipe is in the menu of her newly opened restaurant, Twenty One Plates.