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MSI ECS Warehouse Sale Pricelist (December 2-7 2012)

HOLD YOUR HORSES GADGET NERDS! Before you go buy your new smartphone, printer, tablet, computer or what have you… do know that MSI-ECS, one of the largest distributors of IT in the country is having a warehouse sale from December 2-7. You have one week to prepare for this sale! It starts this December 2 and ends on December 7 2012.

For easy reference I am embedding the price list here. Note that like any warehouse sale, this doesn’t mean that you WILL have the gadget of your dreams based on the EXCEL spreadsheet. Like any sale, stocks run out quickly. The original link is here just so you’re sure I’m not pulling your leg.

The MSI ECS Warehouse sale will be held at the MSI ECS Warehouse Compound in Libis. From Libis, turn right after NUVO City and then left at the gas station. The sale will be at the Customer Service Wing.

Price list after the jump.

Finally, my Alma Mater (UA&P) has an Alumni Card!!

I swear I could hear Ode to Joy playing in the background when Joel Parcon sent this announcement to our alumni group. Oh, and it’s a discount card as well. Sorry if this is such a trifling matter to the more “established” colleges. I graduated from a fairly young university so this means a lot to us alumni.

I’m reposting it here for blockmates and orgmates who read this humble blog of mine. The best perk is actually not being harassed by the front gate guard who insist you show ID: