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Diving at Paradise Island, Davao City


Diving. Unlike basketball, football, volleyball and badminton, where winning is defined by the number of points your team scores by the end of the game, the objective of diving is different: don’t die.

We went diving over the weekend at the Paradise Island, a good 15 minute drive from Davao City, and though it may not be the best diving spot in Davao, it was still an experience. I’m hooked. We weren’t too adventurous as 20 feet deep was the most we went. I think Anton Sheker is planning a dive soon. Stay tuned.

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Ingress at the Mindanao Blogger Summit

Spent the night at the NCCC mall for the ingress of the Mindanao Bloggers Summit. The evening was summarized by a lot of eating, Nintendo DS and moving stuff around.

Big day tomorrow!

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Four Tips to Buying a Gadget Bag


As a general rule, buy a bag that’s 10% the cost of what’s inside
Have you ever wondered how much a bag should cost? Well, take the total cost of the gear you plan to put inside and get 10% of that. The formula works for most (read: not all!) cases: my Crumpler Whickey and Cox costs close to P10,000.00 and holds about P100,000 worth of gadgets including my MacBook and camera. A hefty bag price should only mean that your gear fits comfortably inside, likewise both your hands are still free.


In the case of laptop sleeves, a good sleeve should not cost you more than P2,000.00 or $40.00. In fact, one of the best laptop sleeves ever invented retails for only P1,500.00: this is the Zero Shock Laptop Sleeve. You can literally drop a bowling ball on top of the memory foam and your notebook will still function afterwards. *

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Malaysia, Truly Asia: KLCC Aquaria!

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The KLCC Aquaria
Price: 38 RM for tourists
Feeding time: Mondays, Wednesdays, Saturdays 3:00 PM

This was a lucky long shot – to come during feeding time! If you plan to drop by the Aquaria, it would be best to go on a weekday (Monday or Wednesday) at around 2:00 PM so that by the time you reach the sharks, you’ll be treated to a feeding frenzy.

Correct me if I’m wrong but I did hear some rumors that back in the Philippines, plans to construct a “Sea World” type of attraction is currently in the works. The site will be located in the reclamation area and funded by a European company.

Click on the link to view more of my photos of the KLCC Aquaria.