Disney CARS by Takara Tomy (TOMICA) now available in Manila

It took a while, but we finally have them. As someone who pays close attention to kiddie toys (since my son is now at that age), I got rather excited to see a complete lineup of Cars / Cars 2 toys from the “Dream Series” of Tomica. I first saw these in Hong Kong, and about 5 months later, they’re finally here. Toy Kingdom (in SM Malls), Metro, Rustan’s … they all have it.

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Star Diamond: Cheapest LEGO knockoffs for PHP 35.00 only

OK so I just found the dirt-cheapest place to buy knock off LEGO figures. I’ve seen a handful of knock off LEGO bricks — Wange, Sluban and now Star Diamond and I have to say that for PHP 35.00 a piece, they make the most practical Christmas gifts. Yes, they’re knock offs but after opening and assembling a number of them, I really have to say that you can’t go wrong with the price.

Star Diamond kits come in many sizes and the most affordable is a small box that will barely make a dent in your wallet. PHP 35.00 for the smallest kit gives you a “minifig” and a vehicle / accessory. Pictured here are the crane kit and the SCUBA diver with DPV kit. Compared to the real LEGO, the main difference lies in the minifig copies because they require more assembly versus the real deal which I honestly don’t mind doing.

Where can you find this? I found an accessible stall at the NBC Tent Weekend Bazaar. The unmarked stall is found towards the end of the tent hall and you can find several other brands from China as well as the real stuff.

Mostly Everything

Finally got the LEGO Ferrari F40 with the Shell Promo. Here’s how it works!

(In the car)
Me: We need to gas up at Shell. They have a promo.
Wife: What promo?
Me: They have LEGO cars if you put gas.
Wife: Haynako.
Me: Would you rather I do drugs?

(driving after several minutes to Shell)

Wife: Ang tagal! mag drugs ka na lang!

I rarely give in to marketing promos. Caltex is my usual choice for gasoline, well, just because. But this move of Shell to allow you to buy one of six Ferrari LEGO cars (and a set of Minifigs) if you spend an accumulated amount of PHP 1,500 was too strong to resist.

So here’s how the promo goes:

– you need to spend an accumulated amount of PHP 1,500 to buy one Ferrari LEGO car. So if you spend, say PHP 3,000 on gas you can buy two. if you have two receipts worth PHP 750 each, you can buy one car.

– the receipts should only come from one Shell branch. You can’t combine receipts from different branches. This also means that you can only claim the LEGO Ferrari car / Minifigs from the same branch at the convenience store counter.

– the cars and Minifigs (it’s a set of 3) cost PHP 180.00. If you load up on V-Power, cost shoots down to PHP 140.00

There you go! Happy building!