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Finally got the LEGO Ferrari F40 with the Shell Promo. Here’s how it works!

(In the car)
Me: We need to gas up at Shell. They have a promo.
Wife: What promo?
Me: They have LEGO cars if you put gas.
Wife: Haynako.
Me: Would you rather I do drugs?

(driving after several minutes to Shell)

Wife: Ang tagal! mag drugs ka na lang!

I rarely give in to marketing promos. Caltex is my usual choice for gasoline, well, just because. But this move of Shell to allow you to buy one of six Ferrari LEGO cars (and a set of Minifigs) if you spend an accumulated amount of PHP 1,500 was too strong to resist.

So here’s how the promo goes:

– you need to spend an accumulated amount of PHP 1,500 to buy one Ferrari LEGO car. So if you spend, say PHP 3,000 on gas you can buy two. if you have two receipts worth PHP 750 each, you can buy one car.

– the receipts should only come from one Shell branch. You can’t combine receipts from different branches. This also means that you can only claim the LEGO Ferrari car / Minifigs from the same branch at the convenience store counter.

– the cars and Minifigs (it’s a set of 3) cost PHP 180.00. If you load up on V-Power, cost shoots down to PHP 140.00

There you go! Happy building!

Mostly Everything

EastWest Bank wants you to win a BlackBerry Torch (and more!)

You know, it’s OK to admit that your wallet seems to empty itself during the holiday gift giving routine. It’s the same story every Christmas — that I either decide to buy bulk gifts for all my friends (i.e. my blog themed cupcakes from way back) or individual gifts for people who are really memorable to me during the year. Now it’s usually the former, but one thing that I always had a hard time doing was budget my expenses. Well. Because even if let’s say I set a budget of PHP3,000-PHP5,000 for gifts (excluding family) I find out at the end of my shopping spree that I’ve emptied my wallet! I think “sales” are a consumer trap, especially if you’re into gadgets.

Mostly Everything

Super cheap Samsung camera deals with free underwater housings starting at PHP 12,990.00


This promo isn’t out anywhere else. So this is the first time you’ll be hearing of this before it goes uber public. Many weeks ago I helped test out a potential underwater adventure bundle with Samsung and Microwarehouse leading the experiment. You can read about the entire experience here. Well, fast forward to yesterday, the product testing was a success and I’m really proud to have been part of the team that made this package what it is now.

What it is: the cheapest adventure bundle you will ever find in the market.

Question: Where else will you find a decent camera with waterproof housing up to 130 feet for only PHP 12,900.00?

Answer: NONE! Nowhere else! Only here!

There are a total of three models available:

Samsung PL210 – ultra zooming camera
Samsung SH100 – WiFi enabled camera
Samsung PL120 – 2 viewing screens (front and back)

These are all decent P&S cameras on land. Adding the Seashell case for underwater photos protects the camera up to 130 feet. It’s perfect for beach trips and SCUBA divers.

You can avail of this package from Splash UW Imaging in Greenhills or in Mobile1 at the Powerplant Mall in Rockwell.

Whatever you choose, these Samsung cameras have decent auto WB focusing underwater. If you don’t snorkel or visit the beach often, this package is still epic as the underwater case can be used as a ruggedized casing on land! Winner! The Seashell case is a trusted housing for most point and shoot cameras. Since it’s made to fit almost all models, some functions on specific cameras may be limited. At minimum you will be able to press the shutter button underwater (can’t change settings) which is all you really need IMHO. Spread the word! These cameras are perfect for barkada outings!

Important Note: I do not work for Samsung / Microwarehouse nor was I compensated to help with the testing. They paid for the SCUBA tanks and lunch though.