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I’m giving away a PHP10,000.00 shopping spree at Digital Walker c/o Swish

EDIT: The results from Swish are in! CONGRATULATIONS TO SECOND HAND TINDAHAN FOR WINNING THIS CONTEST! We will get in touch with you so you can claim your prize!

EDIT! OMG we’re extending this contest until November 12 2011! Join now! It’s almost Christmas and a PHP10,000.00 gadget shopping spree can definitely lift the spirits!

Hi my name is Jayvee and I’m an alcoholic.

Many months ago I have been struggling with my dependency on alcohol. It was serious. I’d take it in the morning right after waking up. Even after lunch. And after dinner. As you can see, alcohol dependency revolved around a system that’s almost like clockwork.

It has taken a number of interventions from friends to get me off the damn thing once and for all. I admit, at times I do miss the painfully sweet sting once it goes down my mouth but after a while, like all impediments in life, I move on without looking back.

With this epiphany I embrace my newfound self, hopefully a better person. Wiser if not smarter. But more confident to say the least. Where I was once at the precipice looking down into the gaping void of nothingness I have now decided to look up and see the infinite rays of a better tomorrow.

You too can have that same confidence by being alcohol free. Swish is alcohol-free. It is more enjoyable to gargle and it is safe to use everyday. Swish also has SureFresh technology so it kills bad breath causing bacteria on contact giving you the fresh breath that lasts. Today, as you leave the confines of the four corners of your computer screen, it is finally time to re-assimilate yourself into civilization. With newfound confidence, the choice is yours.


Sponsored Contest Mechanics:

Technology gives us many ways to connect: mobile phone, e-mail, voice and video calls over the Internet, social media in blogs, Facebook and Twitter! When the connection is strong, it’s time to meet up and eyeball! For this moment, be Swish to Talk! Show us your offline moves!

1. How will you let your eyeball friend know it’s you? (Tell us how Swish was able to be a part of it.)
2. Show us how you will introduce yourself to your friend in person and break the ice!
3. Like SWISH on Facebook.
4. Leave your entry URL at the comments section of this post about the Swish contest.
5. Swish will choose the best entry to win Digital Walker GCs worth PHP 10,000!
6. Contest is valid until October 22 2011.

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