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I’m giving away a PHP10,000.00 shopping spree at Digital Walker c/o Swish

EDIT: The results from Swish are in! CONGRATULATIONS TO SECOND HAND TINDAHAN FOR WINNING THIS CONTEST! We will get in touch with you so you can claim your prize!

EDIT! OMG we’re extending this contest until November 12 2011! Join now! It’s almost Christmas and a PHP10,000.00 gadget shopping spree can definitely lift the spirits!

Hi my name is Jayvee and I’m an alcoholic.

Many months ago I have been struggling with my dependency on alcohol. It was serious. I’d take it in the morning right after waking up. Even after lunch. And after dinner. As you can see, alcohol dependency revolved around a system that’s almost like clockwork.

It has taken a number of interventions from friends to get me off the damn thing once and for all. I admit, at times I do miss the painfully sweet sting once it goes down my mouth but after a while, like all impediments in life, I move on without looking back.

With this epiphany I embrace my newfound self, hopefully a better person. Wiser if not smarter. But more confident to say the least. Where I was once at the precipice looking down into the gaping void of nothingness I have now decided to look up and see the infinite rays of a better tomorrow.

You too can have that same confidence by being alcohol free. Swish is alcohol-free. It is more enjoyable to gargle and it is safe to use everyday. Swish also has SureFresh technology so it kills bad breath causing bacteria on contact giving you the fresh breath that lasts. Today, as you leave the confines of the four corners of your computer screen, it is finally time to re-assimilate yourself into civilization. With newfound confidence, the choice is yours.


Sponsored Contest Mechanics:

Technology gives us many ways to connect: mobile phone, e-mail, voice and video calls over the Internet, social media in blogs, Facebook and Twitter! When the connection is strong, it’s time to meet up and eyeball! For this moment, be Swish to Talk! Show us your offline moves!

1. How will you let your eyeball friend know it’s you? (Tell us how Swish was able to be a part of it.)
2. Show us how you will introduce yourself to your friend in person and break the ice!
3. Like SWISH on Facebook.
4. Leave your entry URL at the comments section of this post about the Swish contest.
5. Swish will choose the best entry to win Digital Walker GCs worth PHP 10,000!
6. Contest is valid until October 22 2011.

[This promo is a sponsored segment by Swish]

By Jayvee Fernandez

Jayvee Fernandez is a tech enthusiast, EAN certified SCUBA Diver and underwater photographer based in Metro Manila, Philippines. His photos and videos have appeared in various international and local publications including Random House Germany, Discovery Channel Canada, and CNN.

27 replies on “I’m giving away a PHP10,000.00 shopping spree at Digital Walker c/o Swish”

1. I will let my eyeball friend know it’s me by dressing up and going to the meeting place as myself. Since I’m someone who’s girly and OC, first – I will be in a girly/ feminine outfit then since the person I’ll meet would know by that time that I’m

1.I will let my eyeball friend know it’s me by dressing up and coming to the meeting place as myself. Since maybe we have been chatting for quite some time already, he would know 2 things about me – I’m girly and I’m slightly OC especially when it comes to being clean. So first – I’ll be in a girly/ feminine outfit then I’ll be putting my clear cosmetics bag on the table with Swish on it so that he can see that it’s me. I will just give him a clue that I’ll be in a feminine/ girly outfit + there will be something on the desk where I’m seated that is related to being clean and fresh always! Hope my eyeball friend will find out the clue and spot me πŸ™‚

2. I will introduce myself by being casual and just be myself. How we chat or we talk on the phonr will be the same person my eyeball friend will meet. – Hi! I’m me, Krystle your eyeball friend for the day. As you can see, you were able to spot me based on our little ‘game’. Then from there, I look forward to a fun and relaxed coffee or dinnet eyeball meeting date. πŸ™‚ Like my mantra, just be yourself and have fun! Being confident is the key!

1. I will let my eyeball friend know itÒ€ℒs me by simply just being me-by dressing up with that clothes that I described, by going to the meeting place right on time, and be on that exact spot we agreed to meet, and of course, with that wide, confident smile, thanks to Swish! With Swish, I will not be conscious on how my breath smells, because with that super great mouthwash, I am very much assured that all bacteria are drawn out of my mouth, and also, since it is alcohol-free, rest assured that it is safe to use!

2. I will introduce myself to my friend by first giving him or her a wide smile, after that I will go shake hands, then tell him or her my name in a very friendly matter. I will not play the shy type since we already both agreed to meet, so I believe that acting just the way you arenÒ€ℒt shows insecurity. Just by using Swish, your confidence will boost, no room for shyness is needed. Go talk about interests to further know each other and say a joke or two to keep the boredom away!

1. Prior to meeting my eyeball friend, I’m under the assumption that I should have known him/her a bit better since I’ve been exchanging a few messages (let’s say on Twitter) with that friend. So, I’ll do it the “Tom Hanks-Meg Ryan” way from You’ve Got Mail movie since I love their onscreen love team. I’ll bring a book, for this case Steven Tyler’s Does The Noise In My Head Bother You? and a flower pen, then wait for the eyeball friend at some coffee shop. Since I’ll be there earlier than the meetup time, I’ll make sure to Swish so when my eyeball friend arrive, I’m still fresh and will have the courage to converse or exchange stories without feeling awkward.

2. Here’s the fun part. I’ll simply say, Hi, I’m Ryan and I’m a girl. Perhaps I’m the only girl who sport a guys name. It works most of the time as conversation starter. I’m sure my eyeball friend will laugh and be amazed to find a girl who goes by the name of Ryan. The effect – that eyeball friend will never forget who I am. πŸ™‚

I would give her a dare to smell the breath of guys in our meetup place to identify who has the most fresh and alcohol-free breath – and it would be me because I’ll be using Swish that time. And if there would be anyone else who will also be using Swish, I will tell her that I’m the one who will give her a wink. πŸ˜€

I will tell her all about me…fresh swish confident smile, smart and charismatic. Also ill tell her what i look like of course Hollywood celebrities you can call me statham, willis or cage. And bingo you got the jackpot girl on having me your date.

1. I will let my eyeball friend meet me in a concert where everyone was so busy and loud!And then I will be the one who will sing a song for him without him knowing that it’s me. I will just inform him beforehand that he needs to wait for me until the end of a specific performance. From the stage, I will flash my Swish and confident smile to him until I’m completely sure he does have my attention. πŸ˜€

2. Then after my perf, I will just simply say hi to him and give him a smile and will ask about how my perf went. It will be the start of our convo and we will talk about music,singers, etc. After that, a good kiss on the cheek will not make any harm since I also want him to feel how confident and fresh I feel. πŸ˜‰

On the set time and meeting place, upon seeing her (my eyeball friend), I will approach her with a smile on my face and ask her if she then is the person I am suppose to meet up, in this way, she will feel more relaxed and at ease with me because I made the assertive move of approaching her first, (of course I would not be able to pull it off if I don’t have the relaxed confidence in me brought about just by taking SWISH!)

Perhaps, I’ll ask what she wants to do and where she wants us to go, if she will give me the liberty to decide, then I’ll just ask her that we spend time on a cake/coffee shop where we can exchange more stories of each other.

I will try to be as cheerful, jovial and in high spirit while we do our conversation, I will ask more from her to show my interest in her likes, what she’s fond of and her life, then based on her sharing, I will then relate and share too my interests, tell her stories with comic side stories (because thatÒ€ℒs where I am good at) and for that I am sure, she will have a nice yet happy time spending with and from there I know that it will be a great start of friendship beyond meet up.

1.Before the eyeball, I’ll ask him first if he prefers cinnamon or mangosteen, and if he asks why, I’ll say I have a nice surprise for him. So how will I let him know it’s me? I’ll take a SWISH gargle in his choice of flavor, go to him and pretend to ask for directions. With Swish’s great flavor and the fresh breath it will give me, he’s bound to say, “Hey, you’re the one I’m supposed to meet in that yummy (Cinnamon / Mangosteen) smelling breath!”

2. Breaking the ice is easy after that! I’ll tell him it’s my nice surprise, and start a good conversation just like we do when we are chatting or sending messages. With fresh and great-smelling breath, we could talk all day long and I can still be confident. And before the day ends, I’ll ask him to surprise me on our next eyeball, using a flavor of Swish that he thinks I would love! Who knows, maybe we could create Swish Blends *TM* when our breaths mix on the next date :p

It’s not a fanpage so I added Swish. Still waiting for the confirmation of Swish to my friend request. I’ll post my url here later. πŸ™‚

1. I will tell my eyeball friend what color I am wearing and flash a wide smile and offer a handshake when my eyeball friend sees me! Without Swish, I wouldn’t dare flash a nice smile and approach that person that very moment. It’s good there is Swish Mouthwash! It builds up the confidence that I need!

2. I’ll tell my eyeball friend that “I am happy to meet you!,” and ask, “Where can we hang-out for a nice conversation?”

1.I will tell my eyeball friend that I will be the one gargling with a swish bottle on my lap.
2.I would pour her a cup of Sish so she can gargle it with me.

1. If my bubbly funny me will be seen offline, my friend (that I’m going to eyeball with) will know it’s me if I flash my sweet smile and wiggle my eyebrows. Of course, I’ll playfully blow kisses. (I’m hoping that he or she will not think of me as a creep!). We’ll have a nice chitchat with food and of course, I’ll make it sure that our food will have ONIONS (and Bagoong!). I love ONIONS. And Bagoong. After that, I’ll ask my friends accompany me to the comfort room to gargle SWISH (of course, I’ll ask her to swish-swash, too!). ISN’T THAT COOL? We ate yummy nom nom Onions (and Bagoong!) but don’t smell like one!

2. Hi! My name is Swisha! (lol pun intended) Nice to meet you *wiggles eyebrows* Nice to swish you! πŸ˜€

(Swish haven’t confirmed my friend request yet. I’ll post it after they confirm the request. Thanks!)

I will tell my eyeball friend that i have a dress with a word Swish and i will please him to have a swish T-shirt also so if we meet they will notice that we are the only couple who have swish dress and shirt and thats it!perfect date :))

After gargling with swish, I’d be confident enough to approach him and tap his back, and say, “Hi, have you swished?” and pretend that I’m a sales representative and hand him a swish sample bottle. And I’d break the ice by saying, I’m just kidding. Hi, I’m swishee, your ka eyeball.

1. If he’s smart enough, he could’ve Googled me and known how I look. My pictures are a search result away, but if not, he’ll start playing my game! I’ll have some sort of EASTER EGG HUNT for our meeting day.

Will PM him with “I will be located (14.256323 N, 121.5476447 E), distance 10 meters with bearing 90degrees from a lampost due East. I will be wearing an RGB(0,0,0) shirt with a print of my favorite mouth wash.”

I’ll send him a QR-code of the image of my SWISH shirt and let him start his EYEBALL HUNT!

2. Breaking the eyes is harder:

Our first words will be..
ME: SWISH ka ba?
HIM: baket?
ME: kasi dapat ALCOHOL-FREE ka!

…Yikes? Awkward moment!LOL!

Tara let’s eat ISAW and SHAWARMA na lang, don’t worry about our breath… I have SWISH!

@MEL: heheheh.. kakatuwa ka naman.. LOL at eyes on ICE πŸ˜€ that happens in real life!! πŸ˜€ hehehe (HUGS)

I will tell that person that I’ll be the “star of the crowd”, not telling that I will be wearing a headband with a big bow! funny isn’t it?, just like that! giving a little bit puzzle when we meet-up. This is also a way to know if that person is really sincere and not looking on the outer characteristics. Will let him look for me in the crowd, hehehe, and when he finds me and says “are you xxx”, will reply “Yessss” feeling confident and fresh! yikes ang corny! hahaha! anyway basta fresher breath all the time, hindi kami mauubusan ng usapan!

1.How will you let your eyeball friend know itÒ€ℒs you?
Wala nang paligoy-ligoy pa,sasabihin ko sakanya na ako yung ka Γ’β‚¬β€œdate nya,bakit pa ako mahihiya eh naka Swish mouthwash naman ako! Long lasting Fresh Breath!

2. How you will introduce yourself to your friend in person and break the ice!
Since nauuso ang mga cheesy line,ganito dapat ang banat:
Me: Lapit na talaga mag pasko no?
Him: Hindi pa kaya!
Me: Eh bakit ramdam ko na?
Him: Ang alin?
Me: Kasi hininga mo pa lang simoy pasko na,ang Lamig eh! Nag Swish Mouthwash ka no? πŸ™‚

1. He will know it’s me because of my big laugh and I’m more confident to be the goofy me because of non-alcoholic Swish mouthwash.
2. It’s always easy breaking the ice with my smile and my gag about first meeting spiels like, “What have you got in mind to eat?” The goofy me will always recommend my faves and consider my eyeball’s preferences and I guess that’s it.

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